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I appologize…

…To everyone who reads this that I personally interact with on a regular basis – for being a bit grumpy and moody lately. I don’t really know what it is, but I’ve just been a bit down lately. Unfortunately this means that I react poorly to certain situations and have a tendency to lash out at people with little provocation. I am sorry for this, I feel like there’s something missing from my life right now and I haven’t found what it is yet. As a result, I spend most every day waiting for whatever is missing to present itself, and whenever something doesn’t go the way I’d like, or I don’t get quite what I want, I get just a bit more depressed and moody (this occurs most when I’m eating dinner and it’s not something I wanted).

This weeked, all told, was still pretty good. Friday, uh, I think we did nothing, I barely remember now. Saturday we went to a fund raiser Run/Walk for the local Dog Park that’s going to be built, and then we were going shopping for eachother (with one car, fun, eh?). I was talking to Fancy earlier in the week and she wanted to get out of the house this weekend, so I suggested she go out shopping with us. She decided that she would come with us to the fundraiser too, so the three of us (plus our dog) did the one mile walk in the morning and then headed out to the mall for some afternoon shopping. After shopping, Heather was sleepy, I was bored and Fancy was not looking forward to another lonely night at home so I voulenteered to come and watch some movies with her after playing some video games with Gramalkinher husband.

We stopped by Hastings and Gray had been wanting to rent Phantasy Star Online (the offline version for GameCube), and to our surprise, it was actually there! We booted it up and Gray hands me the “Bizzaro World” controller (the longer you play, the more the callibration of the analog stick drifts to the right). We made our characters: a short, thin black man with an afro named Shasta Lutz, and a tall bulky female android named Bul D-Ke. Anyway, asside from my constantly rotating to the right and having a really hard time aiming my gun with Gray spending a lot of time getting beaten down and crying for help, it was a lot of fun. I can honestly say though, that I don’t think I’d want to play it 4 player (split screen) as I already felt that I couldn’t see enough on my half screen, things would only get worse on a quarter screen. After we played a bit, Gray had a GearKreig game to play and Fancy and I watched way too many movies.

Sunday was good too. I slept in really late (after all those damn movies, I mean come on, who watches Mel Gibson’s Hamlet at midnight? At 2:00, HeatherEJCHeather and I took our Turkish houseguest to the school’s holiday party which is held in a really nice European style Inn here in town. The food was, well, too ritzy to be good, but edible at least (except the pink horseradish that Nur thought was pudding, who puts Stawberries on a horseradish dish).

After the party, the three of us went to Black Eyed Pea for some cake, seeing as there was no dessert at the party, except for wine, which Heather had plenty of. Then it was time for my Bebop game which I think went pretty good for me having absolutely nothing planned out.

Anyway, it’s finals week here at school, which means almost nothing to me since I’m not in class anymore. Mostly what it means is fewer and fewer students in the halls and the lab shuts down at the end of the week. Then it’s a frantic push to get the lab all set up for next semster when the whole damn thing starts all over again. God I hate my job (but really, who loves their job, who absolutely adores it so much that they hold their breath every waking moment waiting to get to work, if it was fun it wouldn’t be called work, it’d be called playing for money!).

I guess I’ll try to get a little work done this morning, I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to get a turkey cooked this afternoon while still going to a 3:30 meeting here at work.

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