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It’s Cooooooooold out there

Well, it seems the cold weather has finally come. I’ve actually wanted and needed my coat the last couple days outside. It’s refreshing for someone like me who misses the cold weather. We’ve been building more fires lately too, not that they’ve been really impressive yet (except the one I did on Tuesday while we were trimming the tree, that one was pretty good). At the very least they’ve been better than the ones I did on Halloween and before.

Anyway, since we got back from Thanksgiving, I’ve been taking it kind of slow. I actually took yesterday off. At first it was because the local paper wanted to talk to me about our impending dog park (which the story was supposed to be in today’s paper, but I didn’t see it). But when I woke up, I just didn’t feel up to working and I had nothing pressing that needed to be done, so I just lazed the whole day. I was going to put up lights outside, but found that I bought the wrong staples (d’oh).

There’s only two and a half weeks left of the semster (today, tomorrow, dead week, and finals week). As a staff member, I have to stay on pretty much until Christmas, but I definitely prefer working as the population in the halls decreases. I have some pretty big projects to get done in the next month; most importantly the OSX system for the lab. I have to get it up and running and figure out how to clone it to 50 machines. That should prove to be interesting.

Anyway, I should get back to the W2K system I’m working on right now. this is my third time to build it, maybe this will be the last time (for now, until it needs to be rebuilt again).

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