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well hell. I’d watched people play it. I finally broke down and bought it. I had to upgrade my computer to play it. And you know what…

It’s all been worth it. I actually got invited into a team today (aside from the Super Group that is pretty much all friends of mine and their friends), and we kicked some ass in a couple of missions they had on their queue. Now if only my next mission wasn’t deep in an area where every thug wasn’t 4 levels higher than me, I’d be rockin’!

I’ve been up too late already. Guess I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to play some more.

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Tangent queen here…
As much as I love sitting here at Willis with the constant paranoia and looking over my back while trying to catch up online…
Im going to ask this:
Is there any way that me…lil’ miss non student here…can get into the art lab? My comp fried yesterday and now I resort to tromping around campus, trying to meld in with the paying masses.

Not only because I used to call it home, but damnit, its nice and low light in there (shields eyes from penetrating flourescents)

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