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Fuck it’s been a long time. I’ve been playing Shit-Tons of City of Heroes and every time I sat down at the computer, I thought, I could load up Livejournal and read tons of back posts, or I could play CoH. Needless to say, CoH won every time. I’m building a new PC lab image so I’m almost too distracted to play right now. That’s why I’m here, I can safely take a break from reading or writing to work on the image, without fear of dying.

So anyway, my parents came in to town Saturday morning around 10:30. picked them up at the airport no problem and then just sat around chatting all afternoon and evening. There was a bit of a debate as to whether we were cooking for them (which we hadn’t planned to do for the 4 nights they were going to be with us), or if we were going out to dinner (which we expected we’d do for all 4 nights). Apparently we were under different assumptions. So anyway, we ended up going to the Greenhouse (even though we headed out to go to Giuseppe’s). It was really good and we had a good time. Though I made the mistake of having pork-chops even though I daid I’d grill for them the following night and the thing I enjoy grilling the most is Pork Chops. We (Heather and I) decided to do Swordfish instead, and though it was expensive, mom surprised us and payed for it at the store. She griped at me for closing the grill while I was cooking the fish, even though I was using direct heat, she said it should cook with the grill open. Then when I asked her how it tasted, she said it’d taste better if I left the grill open the whole time. Sheesh, is it so hard to get a compliment out of her without sarcasm? My dad said it was really good and looked genuine in his statement.

While they were here, we puttered around the house some, doing things that I could have done if dad wasn’t there, but he was the impetus to get up and do them. We trimmed the trees that had branches dragging on the roof, we pulled some old cable and telephone wires off the side of the house that are no longer in use. Stuff like that. We made a huge mess of the patio when we swept the pine needles off the roof, and when Heather, mom, and I went to Recycled Books, dad took it upon himself to hose down the patio, and did so with more enthusiasm that I had done before they came. Sheesh. Bored much dad?

They left for Memphis, Monday morning and I had already decided to take a few days off this week. Well, my throat was decidedly sore when I woke up Monday morning as well, and I had apparenlty come down with some kind of cold. I don’t know how or why, but it certainly changed the reasons I stayed home Monday and Tuesday. I played a fair ammount of City of Heroes while I was home, but there were a couple times I was not in a state of mind to do so because I felt ill. Kind of a waste of a day off if you ask me.

So, yeah, I’m at work today and will probably be at work tomorrow to try and get the new lab image up to date for next semester. Don’t know if it will be done, but then again, our images have become secure enough, we don’t have to have them rebuilt for the first day of the semester anymore. I’m debating coming in tomorrow too. I had already planned to not come in on Friday, since my parents are supposed to get back in town, but the more I sit here, the less I want to be. And since I’m not really sick anymore, I could actually enjoy my day off tomorrow.

But for now, I need to go to the bathroom, so I’ll end this rather than trying to contine writing in there.