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Well, new video card installed and I have to admit, this game is pretty badass.

If you find yourself on, at lowish level, lonely, and want to hang out; I’m on Triumph and my name is…

…The Furious Badger

I realize I’m pretty much a Wolverine knockoff, but then again, there are only so many routes you can go. You’re limited to the powers presented at character creation. My schtick is I’m a lot grouchier than Wolverine and that creates these aura’s of hate or rage around me that injure other people. Whatever. I was looking at the powers and the Dark Armor sounded cool. I may make a 1930’s pilot/Blaster next, but I want to get Badger up to at least a functional and playable level first.

Still, it’s lots of fun and seems to run very smooth on my computer, even though the only thing I’ve upgraded in the last few years is the video card I bought today.

I hate it when $50 games turn into $150 though. Oh Well.

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