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I found out the other day that the Sony Clié is going to be discontinued. Not entirely, mind you, just everyone but Japan. Sony says they’re going to re-evaluate the marketablility of such a product and continue to develop it for the Japanese market only. This announcement comes only a comes only a couple of months after learning that the Subaru Baja is no longer being produced after 2006.

Both companies (Sony and Subaru) have not fully revealed the resons for discontinuing these products, but most speculation revolves around the company not having the financial security to continue support for them. I guess my love for them, comes from the fact that I prefer products that aren’t pushed on the public by media and corporate america. I chose the Creative Zen in part because it was cheaper, but also because it specifically was NOT an iPod. I’m not sure why I’ve taken this tactic, but a lot of my purchasing choices are based around the philosophy that I don’t want the same thing that everyone else has. I don’t mind being able to do the same thing everyone else can, but I want to have my own device or method in which to do it.

But apparently this just results in me buying products that are often discontinued, unsported, or canceled.

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June 16, 2004

Noooo! Damnit…

I swear, this is a running trend for me…has been for ages now.
I only like things that live short and die out fast for some reason…even if they just came out.
Mike thinks it’s funny, my luck that is…but from electronics to even my friggin’ perfume…

no wonder I have a hard time buying shit I want, heh.

June 16, 2004

well, threre’s another train of logic that says if SONY can build this… what the hell do we need PDAs for?

June 16, 2004

Maybe a Tibetan monk cursed you with an electronics Dim Mak.

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