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wow, someone hold me, because I just put the fear in myself. I just realized my new favorite beer is a Coors Brew…

Blue Moon Belgian White Ale

Reviewers and Smart-Asses be DAMNED

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That movie was the highlight of my Summer so far. I’ve been looking forward to this movie for months now and I have to say, even with all the anticipation I’ve built up for myself, I was not dissapointed in the least.

Review Cut for Possible Spoilers

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I thought I was going home for the afternoon, then someone reminded me I’m on duty in the lab until 5:00.

So as heatherejcHeather said, we had our Garage Sale this weekend and I have to say, as far as Garage sales go, it was quite successful. We sold probably half our crap, which I think was pretty good, though I continue to be amazed at what crap people will buy, and what they won’t take. The stuff I think is really cool just gets looked over, while people walk up with the most useless piece of junk that we were gonna throw away but decided to put a price tag on anyway. What the fuck is up with that? But anyway, we made $400 and it only took one trip to take the leftovers to Goodwill (I thought it would take two or three). We were out there for pretty near 8 hours, had a nice WingStop lunch, got a fair number of customers and generally just hung out. Its one thing to spend 8 hours a day at work with Steve, its another to be hanging out, with no obligation or ethic to being there, just for the hell of it. Its a different mood. We had some entertaining customers too. We had one slightly older couple come by and comment on how we had the neatest Garage Sale in Texas. They were from Illinois and talked about how Garage/Yard sales differed in the two regions and said we totally outclassed anything they’d seen in Texas. Steve and I also did some on the spot tech support and in fact, sold $15 in RAM to them after giving them a demonstration on how to install it in their home machine. They did have to go home to see if they had the space, and the wife returned to buy the RAM and get a refresher course on installation. Another girl, sillyvash, stopped by looking for desks after Steve had sold them all and then just hung out chatting and browsing. She said we were the most entertaining Garage Sale she’d ever been to. Its good to know people enjoyed themselves at our sale. Makes me wish there were other reasons for people just to stop by and chat. Maybe I’ll put up a lemonade stand, but only if I can make it like they had at last years Dog Days. Mmmmmm!

Steve was a regular Huckster when it came to his sales too, telling people what varied uses his simple objects had (about a simple decorative box: “You could put your change in it; you could hit someone with it; you could put your change in it and then hit someone with it”). I really feel it was successful overall and even though, with $400 in profits, we still only, mostly broke even for the month, it’ll be the first month we’re not $200 in the hole at the end. So really, we’re a lot further ahead than it seems to me.

Next Up: Heather and Kacey go to see The Chronicles of Riddick

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I guess I talk to myself too much… 😉

Just in case I haven’t said it enough…

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