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Hmmm, Thunderstorms tomorrow. I guess I won’t start my biking regimen then.

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Bored bored bored. Watching 28 Days Later because talking to Danny earlier reminded me how much I liked Dawn of the Dead (2004) and since that’s not out on DVD yet, this one has to do. Its a really good movie, just not the same flavor as Dawn.

Anyway, _cleric_Blue Warrior and I have been discussing semi-regular online gaming. As we spread out, further and further around and away from campus, all us gamers don’t spend nearly as much time together as we’d like, so we need to do something to be social. And while online gaming is usualy a nest of 1337 haxorz and fuckwads, if you know who you’re getting involved with, it’s a lot more tollerable, so the thought of hooking up online with Nick and Sean (and anyone who reads this, you must be cool enough if I added you as a friend), would be greatly entertaining and worth while. So now Sean knows how to text message me (not like there isn’t a link on my user page) and he can call Game On at any time and I’ll hop on the computer, load up ICQ and see whats the haps.

God, only 45 minutes left.

So the coveted full-time position that gets paid more than I do, has about 1/10th the responsibility, and yet is still in SOVA has come up for hire once again and I have, once again, decided not to persue it because I’d rather work in the building here and hope for a better environment (when we finally get a new dean) than work over there where I’d still be working for the old dean and have a grant funded job (longevity is sketchy when you’re grant funded). Though, I have to admit, it is tempting. I’d still rather see this job get better, than run away to one that pays more, but could be much worse.

Update: _cleric_Blue Warrior is now blu3warri0rBlue Warrior.

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Good weekend, really, all in all.

Friday I lounged around most of the morning, ate a big breakfast (bacon, eggs, bagel, OJ, coffee) and watched some TV. Had Rockstar recorded on the ReplayTV (still loving that thing) and enjoyed it more than I expected. Especially when the original lead singer of the band turned out to not only be “Fat Tom” from Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, but gay as well. Pretty unexpected. The rest of the movie was enjoyable, at least enough so as to entertain me for the morning. After Heather got back from her Doctor’s appointments and headed back out to do some light grocery shopping, I decided what the hell and mowed the back yard. It was a hellish task, took me like two hours. It’d been months since I’d cut it, I think it may have been last season since I did so. I know it was before we got Knight at least, and with all that rain, there were parts that were up to my knees, but it was all real grass, no that wierd wheat looking stuff. Now it looks fantasticly manicured, even though there are still ugly bare spots and a lot of the roots are showing. I guess it’s just the comparison of how it looked before. I’m thinking of looking into getting larger wheels for the mower to try and cut the grass taller, it looks too short when I cut it. Also need to figure out what kind of grass that is in the front yard so I can get a good grass fertilizer/weed killer that won’t kill my grass.

Saturday Heather and I went shopping with a gift card she got for christmas two years ago. I bought sandals. No really, sandals. I haven’t found a pair of sandals that I could even stand in the past 20 years, and have had an aversion to them, but as hot as my feet have been getting lately, I decided that it was about time I gave them a second chance. These are still pretty covering, but a lot of air can get through them, so they feel really nice and my ugly ass feet don’t get put on display. Oh, and I don’t feel as bad about not wearing socks, which often just makes my feet stink so bad other people complain. Heather got some really cute clothes as well, but had to sacrifice some shorts that I thought just looked amazing on her because we only had $75 and she wouldn’t be able to wear the shorts to work like all the other stuff she’d picked out. We also picked out some paint samples for my office when we stopped by Lowes looking for screws. When I went to put the paint samples in my wallet I found a $20 bill in an unused pocket of my wallet. I like to hide cash for myself in places like that because it’s a great surprise when you think you got no cash. So, overy generous, I took Heather to dinner at Tias and I had the biggest plate of Nachos I’ve seen in a while. They weren’t only big, but really good! I had to take half of them home and I’m really looking forward to having them for lunch sometime this week. We finished up this really lovely day by watching 50 First Dates which was incredibly cute. A really fun, feel good, romantic, funny movie. I always know it’s a good movie when Heather looks over at me before the movie is even over and says “we need to buy this one.” So do yourself a favor, rent this movie.

Sunday we did even less, which is what Sundays are for. I did, somehow, convince Heather to go for a bike ride with me on Sunday, so we aired up the tires on our bikes that hadn’t been ridden in years and peddaled around the neighborhood for about 45 minutes. It was really nice, and convinced me that I’ll be able to make the trip home from work on Tuedays and Thursdays. Tomorrow, barring the weather which looks unsteady currently, may be the first attempt. I do need to map a good route that has little traffic so that I won’t feel too bad listening to my Nomad on the ride home. Next month I’m going to invest in some new innertubes and a GPS handlebar mount since my bike’s odometer stopped working at least 5 years ago.

Now if Heather would just show up with some food and movies.

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