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Bored bored bored. Watching 28 Days Later because talking to Danny earlier reminded me how much I liked Dawn of the Dead (2004) and since that’s not out on DVD yet, this one has to do. Its a really good movie, just not the same flavor as Dawn.

Anyway, _cleric_Blue Warrior and I have been discussing semi-regular online gaming. As we spread out, further and further around and away from campus, all us gamers don’t spend nearly as much time together as we’d like, so we need to do something to be social. And while online gaming is usualy a nest of 1337 haxorz and fuckwads, if you know who you’re getting involved with, it’s a lot more tollerable, so the thought of hooking up online with Nick and Sean (and anyone who reads this, you must be cool enough if I added you as a friend), would be greatly entertaining and worth while. So now Sean knows how to text message me (not like there isn’t a link on my user page) and he can call Game On at any time and I’ll hop on the computer, load up ICQ and see whats the haps.

God, only 45 minutes left.

So the coveted full-time position that gets paid more than I do, has about 1/10th the responsibility, and yet is still in SOVA has come up for hire once again and I have, once again, decided not to persue it because I’d rather work in the building here and hope for a better environment (when we finally get a new dean) than work over there where I’d still be working for the old dean and have a grant funded job (longevity is sketchy when you’re grant funded). Though, I have to admit, it is tempting. I’d still rather see this job get better, than run away to one that pays more, but could be much worse.

Update: _cleric_Blue Warrior is now blu3warri0rBlue Warrior.

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