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Console gaming FRENZY!!!

Steve, Nick and I set up a console game day at the house yesterday. Nick and Steve really came up with the idea, but since I had two TVs and a networked house, it made it the obvious choice. People started showing up around 1:30 and we started up the gaming. We started off with a little Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Heather got to play that one, it’s the only game she plays but she loves it. First time we’ve had four players so it was cool. Heather and I on one car, pretty much anyone who cared to play swapping out on the other. I know Tarkas, Steve, Sim, Alex (cute), and Nick all took turns over there. Still didn’t open up the next four tracks damnit. After an hour or so of that, we busted out the Halo. The night before I had made 10 custom games just for the day. I don’t think we played them all, but some ran a little longer than expected (One Flag), while others got played again and again because they were so short and furious (Highlander). I need to go in and adjust the win count on some of them as they were a bit too high, but I was just leaving the default on most of them because I didn’t really know how long they would take. We finished the day off with a bit more of Double Dash but that was just a kind of cool down. Craig got to play and was about as good as anyone else is their first time out. The last straglers of the night were Nick and Alex. Heather took her first hand at driving and honestly, did better than a lot of other first timers. I don’t know if it’s because she’d seen the tracks so many times already or from her Diddy Kong Racing days.

I have to say, it was one of the first times I really missed having Jeremy and Christy around. It was a really good day with a bunch of people I know they liked and it would have been that much better with them around.

All told, we had Craig, Laura, Steve, Tarkas, Sim, Nick and Alex show up. It was a good turn-out and a great 9½ of straight gaming. Thank you Craig for paying for the pizza, I’ll get you next time.

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