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All in all it was a good (three day) weekend. Friday I don’t recall doing anything of real substance. I stayed home the second half of the day as I had already worked over 40 hours that week and I wasn’t really concerened with comp time. I cleaned up the Confrontation minis and primed them so now they’re ready to be painted, if I ever finish the one I’m currently working on that is. We rented a couple of movies, that was it. We rented 28 Days Later and Johny English. We watched 28 Days Friday night. I thought it was really good, I mean really. Heather was concerned it was going to be gross, and really, aside from a couple bloody moments, it wasn’t bad. I think I only caught her looking away once. I definitely liked the original ending better than any of the alternate endings. Something still seemed amiss when it was all over, I think it was a bit too neat and tidy, but I’m not sure. It was still good and I can’t think of a better or different way to end it.

Saturday I went down to Garland for some more RPGA. It costs me a little much to keep going down there ($4 per game day, sheesh). I decided I wasn’t going down again this month, but then my friend Jon announced he was going down next week so I’m gonna bum a ride with him. Also, they’re playing two LG games I’ve not played and won’t be doing LG at all next month so it works out well. At any rate, I went to Hall of Heros and played a bit, got my 6th level back and now I’m trying to decide if I’m gonna pick up a rage real quick before continuing on with Ranger. Damn kitten. By the time I got back (which was a bit early afterall), Heather was already gone to the big to-do she had going on so I just kind of sat around a bit. Hmm, now that I think about it, it may have been Saturday that I primed the minis. Maybe Friday I finished puttying and cleaning and then by Saturday the putty had dried and I primed them. Yeah, that sounds good, you’ll believe that, right? Saturday night we watched Johny English. It was really funny, I busted up laughing through a good portion of it. I’m gonna have to watch for it on the used shelves. For some reason I don’t see it doing too well, so I half expect to see it in the “Two for $15” before too long.

Sunday, oi, we sanded the floor again, and there was no Karate to be had in doing so. Spent another back-breaking two hours sanding. My legs, my back, my shoulders and my arms were all screaming by the end of it, but now were, 1/5 of the way there (w00t?). After that I just laid down for, oh, an hour I think. I laid down half off the bed, my feet on the floor, the small of my back on the edge of the bed, bent backwards. It felt really nice, fell asleep a couple times. After Heather finished cleaning up all the sawdust and we showered, I actually went in and painted for a bit with a movie on. Felt good to paint, made some headway.

Monday, I got up late, puttered around, painted a little (did some awesome eyes on this mini thanks to this article. Got cleaned up, ate some lunch, and then it was game time!

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28 Days Later kicked more ass than it should be legal to kick!

I very much liked that movie, though it still isn’t my favorite Danny Boyle flick. I still prefer Shallow Grave. However for a modern day zombie movie, I don’t see how it could get much better. Of the three endings, and I’m still not really sure which was the original, I liked the one in the hospital where Jim died the best.

I will admit that I doubted the entire world could have gotten infected from the UK with the rapid spread of the disease. But then I remembered the Chunnel, so I could easily see how mainland Europe, Asia and Africa could have been infected. The rest of the world should have been ok though. I had all these thoughts long before the sargeant started saying them, then Jim saw the plane. Fortunately, they never really even tried to address that stuff, other than the plane at the end indicating that someone had survived, so it wasn’t necessary to rationalize or suspend disbelief.

At the same time I rented 28 Days Later, I also rented Equilibrium and Punch Drunk Love, both excellent movies as well. If you’ve not seem em, I recommend both.

“I beat up the bathroom”


I’d seen Punch Drunk already, though not my favorite PT Anderson movie, it’s in the top three. 😉

I haven’t seen Equiilibrium yet, don’t even know what it’s about or if it should be on my watch list, but I’ll keep an eye out for it.

I have to agree, 28 Days and Shallow Grave are both top contenders for the Danny Boyle category, though I still have a special place in my heart for Trainspotting, but I think that’s because I actually read the book.

Maybe I’m a dupe for the Hollywood ending and that’s why I’m okay with the original ending, but I don’t think I’d have been upset had they gone with the “Dead Jim” ending either. If you watched the “super, way the fuck out there, crazy alternate ending that starts in the middle of the movie” alternate ending, you can kind of get the feel that Danny Boyle is concious of movie goers ability to only suspend disbelief so far, and I like the thought that someone out there is keeping that shit in mind. I think if they did go with the “Dead Jim” ending, I’d have liked another scene or two, before the gut shot, or in the car on the way to the hospital to add a few seconds of closure. It seemed abrupt even though they drew out the hospital scene longer (maybe too long in my opinon, I like the flash cuts in the original ending).

Anyway, yeah, it kicked a lot of ass, and it wasn’t nearly as Zombie as I expected, which is really a good thing. I may have to buy it when it gets super cheap.

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