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Maybe I am getting old. Sitcoms are starting to give way of Dramas. I now watch, probaby, 30% sitcoms, 30% “Discovery” shows, and %30 dramas. The last 10% is just random crap.

Anyway, I’m sitting here watching Monk, realizing that it’s probably one of my two favorite shows presently. Sitcoms are a good way to while away the time between episodes of Monk and 24. Anyway, I’m just feeling my age, but only because my TV tastes are starting to catch up with me. Remember, I’m still planning on sitting around all day MLK and playing video games. I guess there’s no fully stopping time, but I’m sure going to keep some fingers on a few different pulses of the clock.

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I hear ya…apart from cartoons and the Malcolm/Arrested Development block, most of the stuff I watch is hour long drama and Monster House/Monster Garage/Mythbusters. My friend just got me into Joan of Arcadia, and of course the new Monk tonight has been on my mental calendar for a couple weeks now. The Shield: Season 3 starts in March too…its hella graphic, but the storytelling is really good. I still watch Saturday morning cartoons though…well, tape them and watch them at a decent hour, but it keeps me young.

i had digital cable last year and hardly left my couch because i was in love with bravo, turner class movies, american movie classics, and (my one true love) bbc america. can’t afford it – moneywise or timewise anymore – so i only have basic. now all i watch is the wb. heh. go angel!

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