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Monday, Nick Corwin75Steve, and I plan on having a console gaming day since we have the day off of work. We’re gonna get some game systems together and play a bunch of multiplayer games. We’re all trying to get people together to join us but I’ve realized lately that Nick and Steve are pretty much the two people I’d invite to hang out so I guess I’m done. If you’re reading this and think you’d want to hang out, feel free to drop a comment. I’m an email addict, so I’ll see it, don’t you worry.

So far the big games on the list are Halo, Mario Kart: Double Dash, and D&D Heroes.

I’ve been thinking lately that I want to redo my web page, maybe break it up a little more cleanly so there is distinctly a personal section and games section so that I can kind of give a clearer idea as to who I am and a better place to showcase this journal. Right now, my website is mostly a storehouse of gaming info. I like being a resource but for some reason I’ve been feeling more and more in need of connection, contact, whatever, and I’m wondering if by being more personal on the web, I’d be able to meet and interact with more people on-line. I like the idea of talking with people regularly. I started realizing that I don’t even get social emails anymore, just work mail, game scheduling, and junk.I have three email addresses, but the one that’s dedicated to personal email is full of nothing but junk mail every day. I got kind of depressed at that.

Maybe I’ll dig up some old email addresses and see what other people are doing these days.

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