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When did Dan Cortese become Dan “Corteezee?”

As it says on his bio on IMDB, “His surname is pronounced Cor-tez.” So why is it now that all the commercials for his new show pronounce it “Cor-TEE-zee?” Did he just wake up one day and decide to change it? Or maybe he was visiting his Grandfather, who came to this country as a boy, and was told “You dumb shit! You’re name is Corteezee! What do you want people to think, that we’re Mexicans?” Which of course would have been preceded by a sharp smack to the head. Whatever happened, he’s apparently changed it, either that or the announcer is a dumbass.

In fact, I’d like to change the pronunciation of my last name at will, too. From now on my last name will be spelled “Close” but it will be pronounced “Throatwarberler-Mangrove!”

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