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LiveJournal Archives – 09/16/2003

Brandon and his girlfriend came over last night and bought us pizza. He’s the best nephew I’ve ever had. We watched Léon and generally just hung out. I couldn’t believe he hadn’t seen it before. I mean, come on! It’s Léon! Anyway, it was a good time, I really enjoy his company and he seems to really enjoy hanging out with us and watching movies.

I had a pretty bad day yesterday. Okay, I had a really bad day yesterday. Something happened in the lab Saturday that wasn’t really anyone’s fault in specific, but somehow yesterday it got dumped almost completely on my shoulders. And then, while I was being berrated for how horrible I am at my job, I was told that my performance review is coming up this week, too. Sheesh, talk about walking into a shitty week from day one.

Today’s been better, actually. I’m feeling a little better about my job (my nihilism comes and goes), we’re getting our counter-top for the laundry room tonight so I get to use my Baja extensively this evening, and our money problems, while things haven’t changed at all, we’re both a bit more positive. I’m impressed Heather’s still going to let each of us get $100 of our escrow refund even after things got really tight this month. I can now go ahead and admit that I’m going to preorder Dungeons and Dragons: Heroes and get it over with. Sure, on October 14th I’ll have a pleasure overload of D&D Console games but at least I’ll have all my bases covered depending on who comes over. I’m still toying with getting The Temle of Elemental Evil, but do I really need three D&D Games within the same month on three different platforms? I mean come on, how much D&D can I really play? I figure if someone else buys it and likes it, I can borrow their ToEE and they can borrow one of my console games.

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