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Let me show you an AMAAAAAZING thing

I was sitting at my desk working, listening to my Nomad as I usually do. It was a song from Bollywood Funk that I downloaded the other day. When the song ended, I swore it started again, but when I looked it was a completely different song by Tricky.

The odd thing is, there was no reason for these two songs to be together like they were. I just uploaded a bunch of random tracks this morning and threw them into a playlist, his shuffle and went about my day, but here were two songs, from two different artists, from two different genres, from two different parts of the world that were strikingly similar. The more I compared, the more I realized I had somehow, through quirk of fate, put a song that was sampled by another in a row, back to back. Actually, honestly, I didn’t put them back to back because I shuffled the tracks… the coincidental forces of the cosmos put them together.

Maybe you had to be there, but it really was amazing to listen to a song, and in the next, randomly selected song, hear the first one sampled back. It’s not that it just sounds the same, you can even tell that it’s a direct sample. Fucked up, huh?

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