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Hey Kids, you know what time it is?

It’s time for Uncle Kacey to be in the lab again. That means I have a bit of free time to sit and spew nonsense into my journal. Okay, to me it’s not nonsense really, I’ll know what it was all about when I go back and look at it. I’m sure I’ll appreciate every page of this when I’m old and mindless, when I can’t remember what I did with my life. I can look back and see that I did abso-fucking-lultely nothing.

I finished Knight of the Old Republic last night. I have to say “Best Console RPG ever!” Then again, if you’re ben, then I get into an argument about how a console RPG isn’t really an RPG since there’s no real RP, and I agree with you, but that wasn’t my point when I said it, but if you’re ben you keep pressing the point even though I totally agree, I was just trying to give the game it’s due. Anyway, yeah, best console RPG I’ve ever played… Not a realy RPG, but really damn good. There were some really cool plot elements, some bad ass twists and surprises, and really, all in all, it felt almost more Star Wars than the more recent movies. I’m ready to play through it again as the most evil, horrible, no good, villian ever. I realize that’s what most people do, but I’m still looking forward to it.

Steve just stopped by, we’re thinking about going out to a bar on Thursday. It’s new, it’s different, I don’t know who else he’s talked to, I wouldn’t mind in the least if he and I just hung out… I kind of thing we need to once in a while. We’ve been friends for a really long time (okay, not really long but quite some time now), and we drudge through work and play in games together, but we never really “hang out.” Might be good for us. I know our friendship’s been up and down a couple of times, but I think we’re passed all that and could really enjoy just going and hanging out, just the two of us. I guess if he invites other people to hang out, I’d be okay with that too, it’s just when we’re with other people, they have other conversations that they start talking about that I’m not nearly so interested in, so I just sit quietly by. Anyhoo, we’ll see what happens Thursday.

Working in the lab is actually kinda fun, ya know? I’d rather do it during regular work hours so I didn’t have to stay until 6:00, but its my own fault for not hiring someone. 8)

Fancy and I talked a bit today on ICQ. We seem to be patching things up. We understand that we have conflicting elements in our personalities and its something we’re going to have to learn to anticipate when we’re going to butt heads and how to avoid it. We both have aggressive, violent tendencies and have worked (phoooooo) very hard to repress them safely. For some reason though, when we get together, if we disagree on something, it seems that those tendencies are easilly brought forth by eachother. We defeat all the years of control each of us has put into controlling our rage.

And I feel like I do an excellent job with it at work! Sheesh, if I tell you a policy in the lab, it’s not your place to tell me how much you get away with it, or how seldom you break that policy, just say, okay, and obey the policy. Smile! Smile! Just repeat the rules nice and calmly. 😐

Oh well, that’s why I don’t mind working in here once in a while, I think if I went back to full time 40 hours in the lab, I’d kill some people…

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