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LiveJournal Archives – 09/09/2003

Well, we (Heather, Christy, Brandon, Ia, and I) are all hanging out in the computer room in the house, just sitting around, talking, typing, surfing and playing. I’m talking to Keri on ICQ, well, I was… just a calm night. We watched PCU on DVD (yeah, that’s right, DVD!), ate pizza, and are just hanging out. It’s a mellow night all around.

I’m thinking about expanding this whole movie night thing Friday to a sort of open invitation to watch movies every or every other Friday night. I may just openly announce what movie I plan on watching on a Friday night and leave the invitation open for people to show up.

Brandon and I were talking, it’d be cool, I think, if people brought a snack or drink to share. If you drink Mt. Dew for example, bring a 2 liter or a six pack, something to drink, eat, whatever, and something to share. Just an idea. I’m not going to like co-ordinate this or anything, but if you feel generous or hungry, bring food, bring drink, bring a suggestion for a movie… whatever.

Anyway, I’m not really concentrating on LJ right now, so I’ll give up and write more later.

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