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Monday Morning – Almost Time for Lunch

Well, I had a vaguely productive weekend. I played HERO on Friday. I think the game is going great, I’m afraid that taloncomicsDerek may be disheartened by it though. Our characters are supposed to be very mundane in the modern world and then strange, supernatural things start happening. As role players, this is often a tough concept to play, to not take these things that are typical to RPGs in stride and end up being too cool for school. I think so far the three players are playing freaked out and confused very realistically. Derek seems a bit thrown off by some of our reactions, but I think he’s enjoying it. Though there were about 10 minutes on friday that he just covered his eyes and shook his head (Mike has that effect on people though).

Saturday I played RPGA most of the day, okay, I was at the game store for 12 hours playing RPGA. We played two rounds of Living Force and did alright by my standards. Things might have been worse had the end of the second module not started so late, but I think we would have made it through that too if we had tried hard enough. It was tough though, but all in all, a pretty good adventure. I’m sorry GramalkinGray didn’t get to play in the second round, it would have been nice to have him there and I’m sure he would have rather played it with us rather than trying to scrape together a group to go through it. Too bad schedules conflict sometimes.

Sunday I was supposed to play in Craig’s game, but well, he canceled and I was going to paint minis all day, but instead I worked on assembling my Balrog (I am never buying another Games Workshop mini again!), and managing files on my MP3 Player. I wanted to get more painting done, but when I finally sat down to paint, HeatherEJCHeather kept asking me to help her with the couch she was re-appholstering. I gave up on painting and begrudgingly helped her out. It is my couch afterall. She did a really good job though, I’m very happy with it.

I also got to hang out with Gray some on Sunday, which was nice since he had to leave early on Saturday. We sat around and talked about shit. Nothing monumental, but those days are good. I think we need to do that more often (are you listening!?).

I forgot to mention the other day that I picked up a Gameboy Advance SP last week. It’s been really cool. It’s smaller than any pictures ever did justice (even pictures that show it next to common items or in people’s hands). I didn’t have any games for it at first, so all I could do was turn it on and play with the light. I picked up Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and I’ve been playing it ever since. It’s a really good game, very Diablo like only without potions. It even stole the orbs of heath and mana. A very good game indeed.

Well, I gotta go to lunch now… I’ll try to post later.

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