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Thank God it’s April 2nd

Every year I think April Fools Day gets less and less funny. I think mostly it’s because every year I read more and more news releases and product forums on a regular basis so when April Fools Day comes around, I’m subjected to more and more so called “humor” thought up by not so intelligent web masters and PR representatives. It gets to the point that you can’t trust anything you see on the web for 24 hours (or more, since some people start early and some people are in parts of the works where April Fools starts on March 31st or ends on April 2nd).

I’m so glad I got to go home yesterday. Of course I’m not happy that HeatherEJCHeather was so sick, but I’m glad I had a valid excuse to escape from the moronic triviality of April Fools. Who’s the Fool now!!!

On an entirely different note, Friday is BEBOP Day, or at least that’s what I’ve taken to calling it. Cowboy Bebop comes out on Friday in limited release, and thankfully one of those limited theatres is The Angelika in Dallas. I WILL be there and I WILL be having a grand old time! I’m trying to get some friends to go with me but so far it’s just me and Heather. Nick may be there too, but since we have no firm time, there’s no guarantee. Makes me wish I was still running my Cowboy Bebop Game. Oh well.

Heather has surgery on Monday so I have to take off Monday and Tuesday. It’s not serious, it’s going to be a simple outpatient surgery so don’t be worried, it should be pretty routine. They suggest someone be with her for 24 hours after the surgery so I have to stay home (damn). Maybe I’ll get some more painting done.

On a similar note, I decided to break down and order the Battle Hive from Talon for my growing mini collection. I have enough to justify it I think (hopefully). It’s sucking away half of my allowance for the month, it better be damn worth it. I’ve seen it at taloncomicsDerek’s and it looks to be pretty bad ass. My options really was to buy something temporary to be replaced later or to buy something for the long run. I sold somethings on ebay and there aren’t really and games coming out right now (except Amplitude, damnit), so I decided to get it. my minis are starting to take over the entertainment center at home. They need a home of their own.

Too bad the Balrog isn’t going to fit in any case I get… ever! Oh, and ask me if I’m ever going to buy a Games Workshop mini again…. NEVER!

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