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Well, it’s Tuesday morning, it’s almost 10:30 and I’m the only one in the office. I’m sitting here listening to P-Funk I’ll be honest, I’m totally thinking of sex. I’ve got nothing going on at work, my gaming stuff is all caught up for the next few days and I’m left with myself and the endless expanse of the internet that is relatively full of porn. What else am I expected to be thinking of. Anyway, I decided I’d write a little to take my mind off my dick.

Yesterday I totally had an Office Space moment when I was working on a printer that is actually stored in a closet. I had to install a maintenance kit in it to fix a problem that one of our staff members caused (do not but any kind of plastic or coated paper in a laser printer) and when we finished putting the kit in, which was a pain in the ass in a closet, it still didn’t fucking work! The primary part (the fuser) refused to pull paper in, so I removed it and checked it, and replaced it again. I think I pulled it out three or four times to make sure it was seated right, turning the printer around in the closet each time.

Finally we gave up and brought the fuser back to our office where we tested it in our printer and it worked fine. DAMNIT.

Other than that, yesterday went alright. I’ve been getting very involved in lately. In fact I was personally involved in no less than three games this past weekend. I played on Friday (and almost died), ran a game Saturday, stayed as a consultant for the second game Saturday, and then played in another game Sunday. I’m gearing up for a game on Saturday again, too. Also, I’m co-ordinating another game for May 3rd. I’m begining to wonder if I’m playing too much and not using my free time effectively. Oh well, too late for that now, right?

I’m going to go find a cot and nap.

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