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Look how Damn Early it is!

Well, my job has decided that I need to be at work much earlier than I used to be. I have to actually be at work between 7:30 and 7:45 every morning. What’s more is that I have to sit in the lab for those first 15-30 minutes just in case someone (faculty) needs access before their class. Oh well, maybe I’ll actually start doing a daily thought in LiveJournal as a result.

Yesterday wasn’t a bad day, actually. For being the day after the meeting of doom, things went pretty smoothly. I could feel a kind of unity in the halls, I think the meeting actually made things go a little better, and I’m starting to feel more official in the school. Before I’ve always felt, at least a little bit, like a glorified student worker, but everytime a crisis comes up and I hold my own, I feel better about my place here. I got a lot accomplished yesterday, and most of it was in line with what we had talked about at the “Summit Meeting.”

Last night Heather and I had a really good night. We’ve been on kind of uneasy groud for the last three weeks (Since the surgery) but last night made up for it all. I’m not going into details, but lets just say it was pretty incredible! Thank you, baby, I love you!

Tonight I’m doing some RPGA with Gray and Nick. I’m running the first in a trilogy of Star Wars modules that are expiring at the end of next month. We’re going to do one a week on a weeknight so that they can get the credit for them before they’re gone. I’ve run this series before, and while it’s not the best series that’s been written, it’s not bad. And it’s one that will really give them a feel for the planet they’re going to be from for most of Living Force. Most of the sessions we’ve had at Living Denton so far have been off planet or around the system. This one takes place on the planet and in the jungles (IIRC). So I’m looking forward do it. I have to remember to print out any certs there may be.

I feel bad that I had to drop the Tribe 8 game. It unfortunately conflicted with some RPGA stuff I was doing for a month and now that Gray is moving it to another day, I’ve missed so many sessions (I got to play in one of like three or four) and just didn’t get into the game enough, that I’ve decided I’m not going to join back in. Besides, I’ve got up to four RPGA days a month, Craig’s D&D game twice a month, Derek’s Hero gmae twice a month, Gray’s Shadowrun game twice a month and rumors that the Abberant, Mage, and Werewolf games are all coming back this summer. I think I’m already overbooked and Tribe 8 has the least amount of history (one session!). Besides, Gray’s already got me for one game, I need to let other people enjoy my company as well.

I’m still wanting to do my D&D game too. Sheesh. I haven’t worked on it in a few weeks. I need to get back to writing, even if its bad writing. The quality of the writing comes and goes, but I need to at least get the facts down. There’s so much in my head that can make this game excellent (even though it’s D&D and not White Wolf), I just need to crack it out and then start the game. Oh well, the longer it takes me to put the game together, the better my background history and conceptual world get.

Oops. Looks like it’s almost time to open the lab. Better wrap this up… I can’t be caught writing when it’s time to open the door.

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