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I Should Write More

I really should write more. It’s the only way others would feel obligated to write, isn’t it? Not a lot has been going on, but then again, maybe that’s just because of my perspective.

Spring break was last week, I did abso-fucking-lutely nothing for nine days. I played some RPGs (Homeguard is DEAD, WOOOO), and watched a virtual shitload of movies. Between HeatherEJCHeather and I, I think we rented over 10 movies, and bought at least 10 more. That’s a shitload if ever I saw one. We watched all but maybe three of the ones we bought and all of the ones we rented (as well as a couple we already had). I also started painting minis again. I painted my mini for my RPGA Star Wars character. I accidentally used the wrong sealant on him though, so he’s EXTREMELY glossy, he looks like he’s cast in a varnish. I tried a couple coats (6 to date) of matte finish on him, but he’s not getting any duller. At least now I know when I want to paint a slime creature or slug what to spray them with… oh well.

I bought a bunch of new Minis this past week too. They’re from a French game called Confrontation and they’re quite possibly the best looking minis I’ve ever seen. I usually buy Reaper (and will buy more from them I’m sure), but these Confrontation minis are beyond all expectation. They’re so detailed that they’re actually going to be a pain in the ass to paint. I’m really happy with the way my first two have come out (except the glass-like finish on the Star Wars mini), so I’m really looking forward to doing these but I can honestly say I am a bit wary. I’ll have to start taking pictures of minis I paint to share them with the world, that’s what the internet is for, right?

I cut the grass for the first time this season yesterday. It’s amazing how much it grew in like three days when it sprinkled a little. It wasn’t really that bad over spring break, I kept thinking “I could cut it, but it’s not too bad, a little long here and there.” Then in sprinkled and the whole yard grew like three inches. It was amazing. So I’ve taken care of that. It was also my first time to really be out working with my new MP3 Player. It’s been a marvel for me. I can now carry all my music with me at all times. I can listen to it on my computer at work or at home or anywhere in between. I can take it to games and use it for theme music or I can plug it into the cassette adapter in the car and drive with hours and hours of music. It’s everything I wanted an more… it’s also a web server. I found this out after I’d had it a couple days. You can run a program that lets other people browse to it through the internet and listen to streaming music from it. I share the address and password with a couple friends of mine on campus and my Erezethbrother in Indiana. I used to carry all my MP3s on a portable hard drive, but I started filling it up too often so I moved all the MP3s off to the Nomad and now I have an extra 20GB of space on my portable hard drive for the stuff I actually bought it for. I feel more organized. This Nomad, of course, is being paid off $10 a month from my $100 allowance so it wasn’t a giant hit to our money (since we reverted to an allowance system as of New Years).

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