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Well, I haven’t written in a few days and I feel bad about that. Work has been crazy busy off and on, plus I’ve been working my butt off getting this party ready for tomorrow (I’d post the invitation here but I know that all four of you who read this have already seen it). We’ve been doing all kinds of cool things that should only be done by elementary school kids (for good reason) and if not for the excellent end product, will never attempt again. The “Dia De Los Muertos” skulls we did look awesome, but the were a heck of a lot of work. Paper Maché should only be done by people who eat paste by nature, it’s all part of the same mindset, and ever since I started using paste as a make up effect instead of a snack, I’ve been in the right by not doing any paper maché.

I can’t say we didn’t have fun, we did (or at least Gray and I did, our wives were a bit more resisitant), but we got bored really fast. I think if everyone was working on it in one big paper maché orgy, it’d been a lot more fun, but instead it was usually just one or two people in the paste at a time, and really, who hasn’t been glued to one other person a million times before.

At any rate, I have renewed excitement about our party, I was a bit discouraged after the apparent roaring success of the unofficial Halloween Party last week (that we were unable to attend). But it seems like this might be quite a success after all.

Oh, I should tell you to go and see The Ring, it was one of the best horror/thriller movies I’ve seen in a long time. If you’re squeamish, don’t worry, there’s pretty much no gore in this one, it’s more tension an anticipation than blood flinging horror. I didn’t have to sleep on the Livingroom Floor when I got home, but I did hear that someone had to watch a happy fun comedy movie after a long dark ride home. 😉

Anyway, my feet hurt (not that I’m typing with them), but I think I should get up and do some work for a bit. With Halloween here and present, I’m now looking forward to Thanksgiving where I get to see my brother and his wife for one of the very few times each year. We hope to have Mario Party 4 and a couple extra controllers by the time that comes around!

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