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Back to Work!

Well, I’m back at work. I’m feeling much better now, my cold is pretty much only in my ears.

We’re inplementing new security systems on the PCs in the lab to combat the hackers. Unfortunately we have to down most of the lab so I have faculty who are unaware of the hacking at all coming in a complaining that the lab is pretty much inoperable on the PC side. We’re doing everything we can to get it all up by the end of the day. Maybe I should work through lunch.

We no longer have an open password admin account on our Win2000 systems (yeah, it was a huge security risk, but we did it for the convenience of the students). There are new accounts and passwords for everything on the system so pretty much our only foible is the stupied P2P software that people install…

Anyway, things are moving along alright, I’m feeling much better, a little sick to my stomach right now, but that could be the coffee. The rain is coming down in sheets and the thunder is shaking the building, god I love this weather.

Blockbuster wrote me back and gave me a lot of hoop jumping answers amounting essentially to my disconinued patronage there. They said that if a company releases two versions of their movie, they will buy the P&S version to minimize confusion for afore mentioned Mouth Breathers. Since I sucessfully breathe through my nose (unless I have a cold), I will once again go to Hastings where the prices are better, all movies are 5 days and they respect the wishes of us erect standing coherent self aware beings.

At any rate, I’m now really looking forward to our Halloween party (did I mention that Gramalkin and I are going to throw a Halloween party?). We are going to do Mexican Dia De Los Muertos type decorations with Paper Maché and more. I need to invite people, maybe I’ll make an invitation web page real quick and send out an email. That’s something I can do while waiting for the lab to finish Ghosting…

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