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Blockbuster is BUSTED

100 characters? Thats it? They expect me to make a well thought out and argumentative comment in 100 characters? Who are these people?

I may be switching back to Hastings VERY SOON! They have a smaller selection and may be more out of the way, but the prices are better and they carry WIDESCREEN!

Just a note to all you people who complain about the “black bars” on the top and bottom of your screen when watching a DVD. This is a FEATURE, it allows you to see all of the movie instead of the middle half like you used to on your VHS tape. Indiana Jones fights four people on top of that train, not THREE as a full screen format would have you believe. If you got a problem with wide screen, do one of two things: either get a bigger TV and suck it up, or SWITCH BACK TO VHS YOU MOUTHBREATHER!

I’m sorry, KnuckleDraggers just drive me insane, especially 30 year old single men who live with their 500lb. mothers and go to Blockbuster for their birthdays as a “day out.” (no kidding, I passed this “couple” yesterday as I tried to find anything that wasn’t P&S)

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