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LiveJournal Archive – 08/28/2001

Well, here I am in the lab again…

This time there’s really nothing bad about it. One of my students changed their schedule which usually annoys me but this time it’s amazing, he changed his schedule and solved about five other scheduling problems. I realized it this morning in the shower and about dropped the soap. Fortune has decided to smile down upon me.

(you know, it’s like some people don’t want your help even when they desperately need it)

Last night was a pretty good night. I ate some leftover potato soup I made last week (still pretty good for an experiment), played a little Diablo 2, took a 15 minute nap with Heather, played some more Diablo, killed Diablo with my Battle.Net Paladin and went to bed. Really, compared to my last week or so it was pretty satisfying. I’ve really enjoyed being able to take it easy lately. I’ve found relaxation a little easier to come by for some reason. Maybe it’s this journal, maybe it’s my realization that I don’t need to stress over work so much. Now if I can just get Heather to relax more.

I started making dice bags this weekend. I gave Craig the third one. He seemed pretty impressed with it. I’m pretty sure he was looking for a new dice bag, but even if he wasn’t, I’m sure he’ll use it. I’m trying to decide if I should make one for Raina too. I know if I made one for Steve he wouldn’t really use it, he’s got his Crown Royal bag that he holds so dear. I need to make two small bags for myself for the two different sets of tiny dice I have now (a tripple set of RPG dice, and 30 d10’s for White Wolf).

Yeah, I’m a gaming whore.

Eleven days to the next Temple of Elemental Evil game. It’s only the second one so I’m still looking forward to running it, even though I get some strange players sometimes.

Yeah, I’m a gaming whore.

I’m probably not going to run Vampire this semester. I know that bugs the shit out of Ben, but I can’t see myself running it this semester. The main reason is I want Paul in my game and this is a really tough semester for him. It seems I can either get Paul and Ben, or everyone but Paul. Since I really want him in the game, I want to put the game on hold for him to have a chance to play. I’m going to miss running it, but at the same time I’ve been looking forward to running som lower powered mortals. I’m going to run a “Hunter/hunter” game where the players are either human hunters, or Hunters from Hunter:The Reckoning (which are only slightly more than human). I’m almost afraid that everyone it going to play human though. Well, not everyone, I’m sure steve will play a Hunter, but I think Ben and Julian are going to both play humans. I’m not sure who else will be in the game, I’d kind of like Rich to play it, but I know how busy people can get and that another game can start to crowd life. Sometimes I feel that way but we all know…

I’m a gaming whore.

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