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LiveJournal Archives – 09/03/2001

Well, it’s Monday again.

I had a really good weekend, spent it all with Heather and had some really good nights. Simple things that we don’t do often enough. I didn’t really want to come to work this morning but I have some things I need to get done before faculty come back tomorrow.

It looks like I am going to run my Hunter game this semester with, hopefully, a decent sized group. Danny, who once vowed to never play more than one game a week, looks like he might join mine. That’s really cool because I always wanted him in a game of mine but I never thought it very likely. However, to get him in my game I need to move it (yet again). Looks like I’ll probably be gaming in Ben’s old Wednesday slot since he’s going to be dropping his Fading Suns game this semester.

I was a little grumpy Friday night. I’d been looking forward to Steve’s game for two weeks and then when we played, we didn’t really play. But after Ben, Danny and I all hung out in the parking lot and talked about gaming and comics for another hour. It was really cool. I don’t really get to talk to Danny too much, a lot of the time I feel like we don’t have nearly as much in common as I would like. Sometimes he makes me wish I still collected comics, but I have too many expensive hobbies already. Reading the occasional graphic novel is a lot simpler.

Speaking of which, I re-read The Watchmen this last week. In my mind it has to be the comic series to represent all others. Its so well written, drawn and constructed that it seems perfect in it’s own. When I read it, I feel like I’m watching a movie. There are such subtle things going on, even in the farthest backgrounds that it just blows me away what I find each time. I’m probably going to try to read it again in the upcomming month and challenge myself to find or learn something new between it’s covers.

Gawd, sometimes I start writing here because I really feel the need to write something, and then find I have nothing to really write about.

I’m done.

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