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LiveJournal Archives – 09/13/2001

Well, I wanted to wait a little bit before even trying to write something here. Having waited, however, I almost feel like there’s nothing I can say that hasn’t been said already. I’m not a religious man at all, so I honestly cannot say my prayers go out to anyone, but I offer my sorrow, condolence and hope to those that need it more than I at this time.

When I first heard the news I was in my office at work. I thought it was a joke, but when there was no punch line I realized it was in too bad of taste to even be a joke. I immediately went to the one source of media I have in my office, the internet. It’s the only place, aside from the phone to try and get any current events. Well, needless to say, all news sites on the internet were so backlogged by traffic that their bandwidth was full. This did not confirm, nor deny, the rumor I was trying to verify. I had talked to a couple of other people on ICQ but no one could verify my information. Mostly I got a couple of “You’re kidding, right?”

Anyway, eventually I got MSNBCto come up.

I guess my reaction was pretty much the same as everyone else who was not directly related to the incident (by family or friend, personal connection with individuals involved): I was awe-struck. Surreal was the only feeling I could create. It was almost unbearable to get no live news about this tragedy. Eventually we got a radio in the office, but it was definitely a shock to see how cut off I really am.

Days later, I’ve had time to think about it, mull it over, and talk with friends and family about all that has happened, is still happening, and has yet to happen. I avoid newsgroups because while the media (TV, newspaper, etc.) show us the human interest, heart warming, American Unity. I appreciate those stories and feel that they help to bring our people, as well as humanity, together in respect and sorrow for what has happened. However, on message boards and forums, all I see are the “carpet bombing” sentiments. The aggresive, bloodthirsty mentality of the violent animal known as human. It is these comments and cries that make me sorry to be a member of this race I am so often amazed by.

I once started writing a story, long ago. The opening line, borrowed, stolen, or altered, I don’t know which, was “A society borne of violence, begets violence.” I think there is still something to that statement I made at that time. I still believe it’s words, and the things I see now reflect that sentiment more. Having fought our way to where we are by coming out on top of numerous wars and conflicts, our first response to violence is to react with violence.

While the families and friends of the injured, missing and dead wonder how they are going to go on with their live s forever changed, the rest of the nation appears to be trying to figure out how we’re going to “Get Even.” Didn’t we condemn the “eye for an eye” theory of justice a millenia ago?

I hope to think that I’m not the only one asking the question: “how do we intend to rebuild?” Life is an ongoing struggle of destruction and rebuilding. We have lives to rebuild; a sense of freedom and sanctity to rebuild; and, least of all, some marvels of mankind to rebuild. Some very impressive architectural structures have been damaged or destroyed.

I am proud of the American and Human knack for invention and creation. The World Trade Center was nearly as iconic to New York as the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building. Now that they are gone, how are we going to imortalize their impact on our world? Are we going to a) rebuild them as they once were, a kind of thumb jab at the terrorists and supporters, b) build a bigger, better, more impressive structure that outdoes anything we have ever seen before, or c) are we going to create a memorial park as we have with the site of the Oklahoma bombing? All three are viable answers, and I think all three represent our resilience and pride as a nation.

I am a pacifist, I’ll admit, and I never fought back at any of the bullies that picked on me when I was the quietest, shiest, kid in school. But I think that my resolve is better for it. I’ve got a clear consience and a sense of self pride that elluded me for most of my childhood.

Someone help me to think I am not the only one who thinks judgement is allowed, but direct violent attack is not the right answer.

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