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Christmas in Virginia – From my Old Clié Journals


Day 1:
We left Denton on Dec. 18 and headed out to Virginia via Atlanta to see an old highschool friend of mine.

After Heather recalculated the trip time, we realized that our 11 hour trip was really a 13 hour trip and that we would be getting into Atlanta much later that we had ever anticipated. Jen still came out to see us even though we didn’t get into the hotel until after 10:00.

Unfortunately getting in that late we were up very late talking when Jen finally got to the hotel (she got lost on the way). We didn’t get to bed until 2:00 that night, which is pretty late to be going to bed when you have a 8 hour drive ahead of you the next morning.

Day 2:
The second day of the trip wasn’t too bad. It wasn’t quite as long as we had anticipated so it made up for the extra long trip the first day. Heather started off the morning drive and was going good for about an hour, but then we had to stop and get some coffee to push on. Horrible coffee but it did the trick.

We got into Lynchburg probably around 5 or 6:00 EST and promptly began our week of relaxation.

Day 3:
Jeremy and Christy didn’t show up until Saturday so we had some time to just spend with mom and dad. Mom and Heather did some last minute Christmas shopping for Dad and I, while Dad and I did some last minute shopping for mom and Heather.

Day 4:
On Sunday, after Jeremy and Christy had a chance to rest, all of us (minus Dad) went to see Lord of the Rings – The Fellowship of the Rings. We were all very pleased with it and agreed that it was an awesome movie.

Day 5:
Monday, Christmas Eve, we all (minus Dad) tried to go to the new Children’s Museum in Lynchburg. Christy makes it a habit to visit children’s museums, and Heather and I just like Museums in general. Unfortunately it was closed, so we eneded up going to see Monster, Inc. instead. Heather, Jeremy, Christy and I had all seen it already, but there were new outtakes at the end, so it was all worth it.

Day 6:
Christmas Day we all did the opening presents, stocking, napping the rest of the day gig. We all got stuff we wanted and were all happy with our gifts, except for a couple of things from Heather’s mom. She amazes us sometimes. That night, after Dad’s virthday celebration, we played Heather’s new board game Cranium. It was really fun and we all had a great time.

Day 7:
Christy and Jeremy had to leave early this morning. It really sucked that they were only there for a couple of days.

Day 8:
Heather and I went out to the Blue Ridge Parkway. It was REALLY cold, but still as beautiful as I remember it from a year and a half ago. It was nice to take Heather out to the spot I went to find myself. We at lunch at this resort nestled in the mountains. The food wasn’t great but we thought it would be really cool to stay at the resort even though it was only like 30 minutes from my parents’ house.

Day 9:
Another lazy day at home. Heather and I pretty much decided to save up some energy for a long drive home.

Day 10:
We left pretty early, maybe not as early as we had hoped, but not to bad. We drove a REALLY long day, we made it all the way to Little Rock before we stopped. It was nice to stop thinking that we only had 5 hours or so left for the next day.

Day 11:
We got home pretty early in the afternoon with enough time to nap and still be able to get out and start planning our New Year’s party for the next night.

It was a good trip all around I think. I’m glad we had the time an opportunity to take it, and the Red Beetle really earned it’s stripes out there. It was comfortable and fun to drive out and back. It had more cargo space than we ever imagined and we really had a good time driving it. It wasn’t any shorter, but it was more tollerable I think.

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