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LiveJournal Archive – 08/27/2001

Well, it’s the first day of classes here on campus, and while that doesn’t mean that much to me, it does have some bearing on my work. It’s the first day all the students come back and start filling the hallways. That’s obvious to me since my office is at the end of a narrow hallway with three major classrooms in it. When classes are changing it’s nearly impossible to get to the office, especially if you’re actually moving anything. I had to move 15 monitors this morning from the lab to the office and there were people in the way the entire time. What a pain.

It’s also the first day that the lab is open again. This wouldn’t be such a hassle if the lab attendants were a little more concerned about it. Already on the first day the person opening the lab was 10 minutes late. I can’t stand it. I hate to fire people but I’m going to have to make and example of someone. Maybe I’m just to nice of a guy to be a manager.

I don’t remember if I mentioned this epiffany here the other day, but I decided that I really like my job except for the lab. I’d much rather service faculty and staff all day than manage a lab. I think that’s why I stress over it so much and have nightmares about it (at least three to date). I can’t say that I really hate working for the lab, it’s just that it really dumps uneeded stress on me. It’s mostly because of the lab that I wish I could beat people up sometimes. Not necesarily people I have to deal with, I just wish I could fight someone, even in fun.

A year ago I watched Fight Club with some new friends at the time (whom I haven’t really hung out with much since, unfortunately) and after the movie we went downstairs and actually fought a little bit. Bare fisted, avoiding the face, until one person yielded. I admit I only fought once, and I was the yielded (I think I bruised a rib) but it was still exhilerating and satifsfying. We all knew that we didn’t want to hurt each other badly, and it was really more of a sport than a fight, we were all friends. It was a great stress relief at a time when I had a lot of stress (I’m sure I’ll talk more about that time here at some point). But really, I don’t feel that I have the relationship with my current friends to do that kind of thing with them. So really I don’t an outlet for the tension that builds up within me.

I try to release some stress when I’m gaming, but sometimes it acually builds up more stress. Especially when a game is either not very interesting or I’m just not into it. I mean, yeah, bad rolls can get annoying but I don’t really get upset over them. It’s more when I don’t have fun at a game I just go home thinking I could have spent my time so much more productively. I hate feeling like I wasted a bunch of time when I could have done something more entertaining.

That’s enough for now, I may write more later, I’m sitting in the lab right now working the checkin desk and it’s getting tougher to write as more and more people come in.

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