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Well, photography is going okay so far. I feel like I’m starting to get a good number of shots, but I also feel like I’m needing to expand my locations. I need to find “ghost towns” or at least “ghostly parts of town” where there once was thiving business or housing, but it’s now abandoned but not demolished. If you know of any such place in tne North Texas area, please let me know.

I think I’m probably behind on my reading, but that’s always been my weak point, so I just need to buckle down and get to reading. From the way Craig was talking, the article we have to read for Thursday is going to kick my ass. I tried to read the introduction the other day and it sounded like a thesis, you know, trying to sound more elite and educated than is necesarry for the format, just to make it sound more intellectual and insightful. What’s wrong with common language?

Also, I wanted to give some kudos to Steve for running one of the best and most ballanced games I’ve played in a while. Each member of the party had something to do at some point, and it was fairly interesting from beginning to end. Good job man, you totally made up for the session before. I also want to reitterate that I wish I had the time to further develop my game, because I’d love to run for you in exchange for running such a kick ass game this past week.

And one final note: Clout rocks… it is not cool, but its fun and compelling and I really enjoy a quick game. If you haven’t already, go get yerself some chips and toss me a game sometime.

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