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So I went and reshot my construction site yesterday, shooting in RAW format instead of JPEG. If you are serious about your photography and intend to print your photos in even a semi-professional way, I have an article that will really convince you why you should be shooting RAW.

Anyway, the only down side to shooting RAW is that I get significantly fewer pictures on the card, about 100 or so, which is just under three rolls of film. That sucks because when I used to go out shooting, I took anywhere from 4 to 7 rolls of film with me. I need another damn card just to keep up. The other down side is now I can’t copy my card to a CD-R 1:1. I have more than a CD-R worth of pictures. So now I’m looking at portable digital image storage devices to see what would be most cost effective.

Heather makes a good point (over ICQ while I type this), I may be getting ahead of myself. If this semester doesn’t go as well as I am optimally hoping that it will, I may not need anything like this anyway, I may go back to just shooting for fun, in which case I won’t need so much storage. I guess I’m just being optomistic, but I think that’s how I should be thinking. I should be saying I ca do this – and that I will be taking a lot more pictures a lot more often. I guess I’ll keep my eye on sales, ebay, amazon, etc for the cheapest alternative I can find. It doesn’t have to be great, it just has to work. I don’t need extra features or anything, I just need it to grab my photos and take them off my card.

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