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Workin’ Late
Wishin’ I was anywhere else.

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I’ve decided I’m sick of online shopping. I used to love it because you could find anything online, especially things you couldn’t find in stores. But now I’ve just gotten tired of it. I find stuff online and it’ll be nice and affordable, and then they double the price with shipping (what the hell is up with charging $10 shipping for something I could ship for $3.75 at the post office?). Or other times I find exactly what I want, with decent shipping and place the order for them to immediately send me an email saying that its out of stock and will be a month before I get it. Even other times I buy it, I get it in due time, only to find out it’s not at all what I thought (because the pictures didn’t do them justice) or they’re broken. I’m just sick of online shopping, but now that every store has a .com I can’t even check things out at stores to see if its what I want, or if it is, to buy it without having to deal with shipping and delays.

All I want is a super thin case/skin, belt clip, and keychain loop for my iPod Shuffle. I’ve spent three days shopping online for one because I can’t find pictures that prove to me that what I’m looking at is what I want and when I do find it, to not double the price with shipping.


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