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I have a 60GB MP3 player and most everything on there is recorded at 128kbps or higher, but I’m starting to think that even though I’ve used up over half of the space, I need to dump the entire thing and re-rip everything higher, 192 maybe or even 256. I’ll lose a lot of space, but in the process I’ll clean out a bunch of the crap. There are more than Eleven Thousand tracks on this thing and I can honestly say, I’m not exactly sure what a lot of them are. At the same time, I’m not sure why, but all of a sudden 128k sounds crappy, so if I trash a bunch of the stuff I don’t even know or care about on there, and re-rip everything I still own, It should turn out to be a much better MP3 player, right? I mean I’ll keep copies of everything I’ve sold or borrowed so I can restore it back, without upgrading the quality of it, but at least it’ll be cleaner and most of the tracks will be better.

Unfortunately that’s potentially weeks, possibly even months of work. I’ve tried to do the re-rip before… but if I do it where I don’t have anything on the Nomad besides what I’ve re-ripped and save the re-uploading of older tracks until after the reripping happens, it should encourage me to work through it faster, ya? I ripped the crap ton of CDs I sold in the yard sale pretty quick, and that was probably close to 200 cds.

I’m really hoping that today is a MUCH better day than yesterday. I don’t need the stress I had yesterday to come back again… It was the most stressed out I’ve felt in a long time. I felt like I was digging the hole we’re standing in in our office even deeper. As I said earlier, we’re trying to get Reclassified, and yesterday I felt like I was working completely counter to that effort. I talked to our Associate Dean (the one who’s in charge of our offie) and felt a lot better. It turned out that his day wasn’t going much better than mine. We sat around and compared sob stories and laughed at ourselves. He’s a really encouraging guy and I’m glad he lets me sit in his office and talk in confidence. I used to be a bit wierded out about discussing my personal gripes in front of him, but our relationship has evolved a bit over the last few months and I feel much more comfortable in there. After talking to him, I didn’t feel like I was in it nearly as deep as I had thought before. But then again, the tele-conference I was trying to help them with is at 10 this morning, so I guess we’ll see after the meeting is over.

Also, one of my new lab attendants, one who was quickly making a great impression in the lab, had to quit yesterday. She realized that with everything she was doing this semester, she was just spreading herself way too thin (boy I know that feeling) and had to give up something. She decided she didn’t need the money as bad as she had thought and quit. She brought me cookies though. With all the stress I was dealing with yesterday, though, I ate too many and almost didn’t go to work out. So now I have to hire a new lab attendant and I hope that this girl I interviewed over a month ago is still available. Otherwise I have to start the process all over again. I wish this girl left an email address because it’d be a whole lot easier to explain the situation over an email than on the phone.

Oh wel, time to get to work.

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Re: *Huggs*

So far it hasn’t been too bad, but I’ve already eaten too many cookies once again.

Damn cookies, someone come eat the last few left.

The hours would be basically 8-11 or 8-1 every day and it starts at $6.25.

I don’t hire friends if that’s what you’re inquiring.

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