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Blarg, sorry it’s been so long since I’ve written, I know you’ve all missed me so…

I don’t even know when I last wrote, so it’s not like I can “catch you up” on current events. Lets just say things have been going better expected under the given conditions.

I hung out at Talon this last Saturday for the 30th Aniversary D&D Internation Game Day. We were hoping for a great turnout, but we got four regulars and ran the “demo” module that consisted of learning how to play. Not the most exciting adventure for people who have been playing D&D for years, but we had a good time laughing at ourselves.

Shit, I started writing this 6 hours ago when my day was good. Now I have a tummy ache and my day has sucked from one end to the other. Piss.

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