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Heather’s Sad, and therefore I am Sad

Heather’s cat, Tashi, got out some time last night through a weak screen. Usually when she gets out, she meanders around the house until someone realizes she’s missing and lets her back in. This time, though, she’s been missing all day. I swore, just a few minutes before we got out of bed this morning that I heard her meow, and that the accoustics were a bit off, as if it was from outside, but we never saw her out there. Heather’s really sad about it and there’s nothing I can do to cheer her up. I can’t make the cat come back, but if I had the power, I would do so. I miss Tashi, too, but it’s Heather’s sadness that’s really painful for me. I keep wanting to tell her that everything is going to be okay, but as the hours pass by, I don’t necesarily believe it myself anymore.

Tashi, why won’t you come home.

Update: As of 11:00 PM, she is home safe and sound. I was at the computer playing CoH with the window open just in case. I heard her meek little meow outside and we spend the next 15 minutes following her around the house trying to convince her that she could get back in through any window or door she desired. She’s back, and still neurotic.

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Awww, I hope the kitty comes home. Sometimes cats will be gone for hours just to scare the owners and prove who’s really the boss.

Sincerely, good luck on finding the kitty.

I added an update, she’s back and safe again. I could literally see the worry, stress, fear and sadness just drop off of Heather like iron particles off of an electomagnet.

pastel tortishell with tabby accents~ *swoon*

I hope she returns home. I had a tortishell once (actually..I have one again, too). We had to part ways when I went to school. She was 18 years and 7 months when she died. Someone was keeping her for me while I spent my first year in the dorm, I was s’posed to get an apartment after than and her back. My beloved kitty died though.

I hope your kitty returns, I really do.

She came back in less than 24 hours. We lost her some time in the middle of the night last, Monday, and she came back at 11:00 Tuesday night.

I was really glad and Heather was so relieved it was palpable in the air around her.

Heh, I should have paid more attention to the update. There were a bunch of cats around CI last night, I kept going out to see if any of them looked familiar. Glad she’s home, now I can go back to spraying them with the hose.

I’m glad. I hope she always returns home. :3

This doesn’t seem to be a good city for loose cats. I won’t even let mine outside. Unless it’s supervised in the back.

well, we didn’t exactly let her outside… she just found her own way.

And actually, on a bit of a positive note, when I looked at the online database of animal abuse across the nation, Denton had no records. That’s not to say that it doesn’t happen, but it at least doesn’t happen enough to make it into a national database.

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