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This is what I have to deal with every day when I come to work. We have assigned parking spaces and this motherfucker parks next to me, and some days is even partly IN my spot. Incidentally, there’s hardly ever anyone next to this person, they just like parking on top of my space.

Any suggestions as to what I should do to suggest maybe them giving me a bit more “door space” so I can get out of my damn car without having to park in the space next to me?

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Leave a note on his passenger door that nicely says you need more space and would rather tell then show…

Or park in such a way it’s hard for him to get out and see what happens…

the first would be more appropriate as I park on the passenger side and I don’t believe there is anyone but the driver in this car.

I was trying to find the best way to write the note without sounding assholeish.

Just say the following:

Dear Mr. So and So,

I understand that the lines in the parking lot are a guide for parking. However I’d appreciate it if you started parking more to the driver side of the line as you make it difficult for me and my man bag to get out in the mornings. If you have the same problem maybe we can switch weeks were we put our man bags in the passenger seat and walk around.

Thanks, that damn subaru.

But, if the driver is overweight I’d just start backing in.

well, I don’t carry the man bag anymore, but otherwise it doesnt’ sound too bad. And there’s apparently a campus rule about backing into a spot… it makes the police have to walk more to see the parking permits. 8|

I was thinking of using the photo as a visual aide… maybe they really think the parking spaces are wider.

whenever we have to leave notes on cares we use drafting tape (less sticky masking tape) and just write the message on the tape, or tape a postit note onto the winsheild – where the driver sits.

failing that you could put a note under the wiper~

Not an easy way to come off without sounding the whole anal-retentive “Sgt Rage” type. 😉 hehe, just put a poster on their windshield with that graphic and “Sgt Rage says park your car correctly, maggott!” Maybe a voice recorder with it in the R. Lee Ermey style. 😉

Although just to play devil’s advocate here, by your photo there, it looks as is you’re doing about the same style parking job, maybe a few inches different on the front tire, so are you crowding the line in the spot next to you? But yeah, main problem is the person not parking straight so that back end is closer to your car. That’s damn annoying, I’ll give you that. Does it cause you to do the wierd stepping to get out of your car? Better to see how inconvenienced you are by it to determin how much effort you want to put into “fixing” the problem. I’m a ‘stand up for me’ guy when its necessary, but overall, “traffic/parking/people who must have right of way when they don’t really” stuff never gets to me, cause overall I just don’t care.

But lets talk solutions! Looks like they have the typical “I’m getting here in a rush and turning quickly into my parking spot” syndrome. I see it at my apartments a lot. People who tend to swing in their spots quickly do so more by cars beside them as a guide as opposed to the line. So start from the top, do you happen to know who it is? Ever gotten there at the same time? Who gets there first, you or them? All kinds of subtle things lead drivers to park like they do, because we do it visually without really thinking about it. Try parking slightly closer to that line on the driver side, and I’ll bet you that person will park farther away from your car if they’re coming in after you, cause its a small and subltle visual cue for their parking. Especially if no one parks on the other side. Now if they’re coming in first, though, its hard to say. If they don’t have any other visual guides, besides the lines, they’re probably just doing the rush thing.

You might also assume that they are the type of person to be somewhat ‘selfish’ in their car, and thus appealing to that may get you the best results if you choose to leave a note. You might say something to the effect of: “Your car is very close to mine on this side, which makes it difficult to get out without my car door touching your car. In the interest of not scratching your paint, and noticing that there is usually not anyone in the spot next to you, could you park either more in line or closer to the middle of the spot.” Appeal to the benefit for them and you’re more likely to get what you want.

If that fails, there’s always spike strips, painted white, to blend in withe the parking lines. After a few shredded tires, they’ll learn how to correctly enter and exit a parking spot, while staying within the lines. 😉

Listen mr. Devil’s Advocate Cock Rocket!

The person on the other side of me only comes in on Tuesdays and Thursdays and this was taken on a Wednesday. I have to park that far over to get my damn door open. Now I’m going to read the rest of your post and see if you get more constructive.

Sgt. Rage

[Sgt. Rage Mode off]

As far as visual clues go, it seems that it doesn’t matter who gets there first, me or them, they always park that close to me, sometimes closer. They do have someone who parks on the other side of them, but they usually have a lot of space over there as well, so it’s not like it’s a problem from further down the line.

I’m probably going to leave a note, like I said. I just want to make it sound as unconfrontational as possible. I have a tendency to come off as an asshole more in writing than in person.

Ah, noting that you say “they always park that close” then I go with my ‘they’re a selfish driver’ theory. Double recommend the appealing to their selfishness part in the note. And in that non-confrontational way too.

And yeah, its always hard to get ‘tone of voice’ in writing. If you find out who it is, you could go talk to them.

But always reserve the right of spike strips. 😉

They’re not SOVA, thats all I know for sure. If they were SOVA, I’d have dealt with it months ago.

It really sucks on days I have to unload my bike because I don’t have the room to maneuver to get the tires checked and the bike unloaded. I’ve nearly slammed a pedal into the side of their car, and I’m not sure I’d be overly upset about it.

this is what you do

politely let the air out the tires on that side of his car. he wont notice until he starts driving and im sure he’ll get the hint after a couple of times

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