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So I haven’t really written an entry with any real merit in a few days. mostly just inane quizzes and photo-rants. A lot of stuff has been happening lately, but stuff I’m not at liberty to speak about openly. 😉

At any rate, we (the IT team here at SOVA) have been struggling at an uphill battle to get raises and reclassifications (kind of like a promotion, but you don’t go anywhere, it’s like a promotion in reverse – the University realizes you’ve been doing more than you were expected so they give you a better position with the new duties officially listed) but as with most -, if not all – walks of life, it’s a dance of two steps forward one flying leap back. It doesn’t matter how timely we address issues, or how well we complete one or one thousand tasks, if we slip on even one minor issue, it uproots our entire reputation with the school. I feel really bad, because the current at hand issue is my fault. We had been doing swimmingly well, especially myself who possibly suffers the worst reputation in the office. I’d been saving peoples asses, rescuing files, swooping and being all cordial and helpful and shit – but last week someone called up for some minor help with a problem and some how it completely slipped my mind. I don’t even remember recieving the call, let alone the problem. So she called back yesterday and I appologized profusely and worked on her problem with all ferver and determination I could muster. Unfortinately I think she needs a rebuild and our faculty and staff hate that. So I gave her some workarounds and appologized again just for safety. Well, I can guarantee you that this is going to be a point of contention for months if not years to come. We move as fast as we can, we do all we can do, but we’re human and we slip up. And like is human nature, people only ever see our slip ups and not our shining successes, which means when it comes time to evaluate our performance, and determine if we deserve those reclassifications that we’ve been working so hard at getting, even when the money has been found, we still can’t get them because I fucked up once in the past 6 months. Once. How many asses have I saved? How many systems have I repaired? How many problems have I solved? Countless. How many times have I fucked up? I mean REALLY fucked up? Once. What’s keeping us, not me, but US from getting those reclassifications? That one fuckup… and a lie that someoene made – about me… and some other stuff we haven’t had a problem with in 5 years. I’m going to strip naked and see if I can live with the monkeys in the zoo.

Anyway, in other news, I finally caught up with Derek yesterday and we’re going to be doing the D&D 30th anniversary game day on Saturday. I’m looking forward to it, even if all the stuff they have for us to do is almost like remedial D&D. I realize it’s really just a promotion to get new people involved, but it’s still gonna be fun, and there’s swag, so that makes it almost worth it. So if you’re in the Denton area and have always wanted to know what the big deal is with D&D, you can come play a crappy adventure with pregenerated characters on Saturday. Just come by Talon Comics around 1:00 or so and I’ll teach ya what for.

Working out’s been going okay but it has a strange psychological effect on me. Since I’m up there working out until 6:30~7:00 at night, I always feel like I’m losing even more time than I actually am. I haven’t been playing much City of Heroes because I get home and feel like I’ve already used up all my free time to work out, but really, I’m not going to bed until 11~12:00. But for some reason, and maybe its the fact that the sun’s going down earlier, it just feels like I’ve already used up all my liesure time. But then, I realize that I”m mostly just sitting and watching TV with Heather. Of course, there’s also a part of me that is concerened because now that I’m working out, I feel like I don’t spend nearly as much time with Heather a day, but really, it’s only about 90 minutes less than before. So I try harder to spend more time with her and as a result, do less of the things I like to do on my own, or with friends. I haven’t played D&D in a really long time, I’ve all but quit RPGA, and City of Heroes is down to once or twice a week. On the up side, there is that thing I was talking aobut not being able to talk about at the beginning of this entry.

So I have to train myself mentally to realize that even though I’m spending two more hours a day, four days a week, bettering myself, I still have plenty of time to do the other things I used to do, and still enjoy my hobbies. It’s just a learning process and with the stress at work, it’s not really going very well.

And then next month, in a little over two weeks, I’ll be doing NaNoWriMo and you’ll be lucky to see me on LiveJournal or in person at all.

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Man, I hear you about the job stuff. As should anyone with any time spent in IT. Likening IT support to ninja is very appropriate, as it is only when the ninja makes a mistake that you see him, likewise the IT professional in most support cases.

And RPGA = Remorse for Previous Game Absence? 😉 Yeah, felt that way myself a bit. On my upside I have been playing CoH a bunch. 😉 Too much some nights in fact. Curse my recent bout of insomnia for that.

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