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I love Nip/Tuck. It’s an awesome show, and almost more so, it has awesome music… both the acutal theme music as well as the music they play while operating and such (they always make a big deal out of what song is playing when they start working on someone). I found this great database that lists pretty much ALL the music from Nip/Tuck, not just what’s on the soundtrack. So now that I’ve gotten and love the soundtrack, I have a daunting task of building the “unofficial” soundtrack on my Nomad.

If you have any of these songs and can share them with me, please let me know so I can add it to the collection.

A really long list of music…

********** SEASON ONE **********
Song List by Episode/Scene:
Pilot: (Episode I)
• “Lonely” – Bebel Gilberto (Christian first meets Kimber at bar)
• “Giddy Up” – Indo (Christian and Kimber first have sex)
• “Paint It Black” – Rolling Stones (First operation on drug-lord/child molester)
• “Truth or Dare” – N.E.R.D (Christian walking into Escobar Gallardo’s suite/botoxing ‘girls’)
• “Panoptica” – Nortec Collective (Christian being tortured by Escobar who has the daughter that had been molested)
Mandi/Randi: (Episode 2)
• “Motherf**ker” – We Are Evolved (Christian with tanning booth girl)
• “Genetic World” – Telepopmuzik (Mandi/Randi surgery)
• “Coup D’Etat” – Sekou The Ambassador (Christian/Matt at strip club)
• “Walking In Space” – Smooth (Christian gets lap dance from stripper Ayvante at club)
• “Over My Head” – Fleetwood Mac (Julia goes to Christian’s and finds him in bed with Mandi/Randi)
Nanette Babcock: (Episode 3)
• “Theme Song” – Emergency (Matt finds Ridley/Vanessa ‘together’)
• “The Blue Danube Waltz – Op. 314” – Johann Strauss (Mrs. Grubman’s tummy-tuck surgery done by Sean)
• “Breathe Deeply” – Bird York (Christian calls Nanette to tell her they won’t do her surgery/Nanette working out on treadmill)
• “The Boy from Ipanema” – Peggy Lee (Mrs. Grubman and Christian in the bedroom)
• “So Damn Beautiful” – Poloroid (Nanette commits suicide)
Sofia Lopez: (Episode 4)
• “Peg” – Steely Dan (Christian/Matt at Porn Party – Merril Bobolit tries to recruit Christian for his practice)
• Instrumental Techno Clip – James S. Levine {original composition} – (Matt/ “Fluffer” Girl talk at Porn Party)
Kurt Dempsey: (Episode 5)
• “The La La Song” – Benny Cassette (Christian/friends at bar)
• Instrumental – James S. Levine {original composition} – (Grace/Christian in hallway as Christian ‘admires’ plant-girl Jasmine)
• “Detail In Grun” – Turismo (Christian at bar/former patient Shelly Edwards ‘offers’ herself and her daughter in exchange for more surgery)
• “Lovefool” – The Cardigans (Kurt Dempsey’s surgery/Grace finds Christian w/plant girl Jasmine in his office)
Megan O’Hara: (Episode 6)
• Instrumental techno/rap-clip – James S. Levine {original composition} – (Christian & Grace have sex in break room against wall)
• “Tighten Up” – Archie Bell & the Drells (Bliss Berger’s arm “wing” surgery)
• “Closet Freak” – Cee-Lo (Christian having sex with Grace in lounge)
• “Hiding Behind the Moon” – Jeff Hanson (Matt/Vanessa/Ridley threesome)
• “Nothing Natural” – Jill Sobule (Matt/Vanessa/Ridley threesome continued)
• “Where Do I Begin” – Shirley Bassey (Bliss Berger meets on-line/phone “boyfriend”)
Cliff Mantegna: (Episode 7)
• “Smile” – Dzihan & Kamien (Jude fixing breakfast for Julia at his apartment)
• “Beautiful Crazy” – Space Raiders (Christian & Kimber {in nurse outfit} at CT’s apartment – takes pictures of Kimber for the “The Scene”)
• “Funky” – Five Deez (Matt/Vanessa/Ridley get caught in threesome by Julia)
• “Emerge” – Fischerspooner (Cliff Mantegna’s surgery)
• “No Dice” – Tipper (Julia at Jude’s apartment as he gets ready for ‘The Scene’)
• “Make Me Cry” – B-Factor (Christian & Kimber arrive/intro at “The Scene”)
• “Sleepy Language” – Layo & Bushwacka (Kimber in ‘Girl on Girl’ room at “The Scene”/Christian watching)
Cara Fitzgerald: (Episode 8)
• “Boodie Bang” – Ghetto Invaders (song playing on car radio before Matt hits Cara)
Sofia Lopez – Part II: (Episode 9)
• “Boombox” – Mosquitos (Christian/Kimber/Merril Bobolit at the spa)
• “About the Sun” – Trevor Lissauer (Megan/Sean make love in hotel)
• “Lover Boy” – Billy Ocean (Julia/Jude working out at gym)
• “Shelter Me” – The Open Door (Kimber goes to Christian’s after finding out she was “sold” for Bobolit’s car/ties up Christian)
• “Fever” – Daniel Ash (Kimber tortures tied-up Christian)
• “A Sorta Fairytale” – Tori Amos (show ending)
Adelle Coffin: (Episode 10)
• “Sunshine Man” – Donovan (Christian/surgery – sews fingers on patient incorrectly)
• “The Four Seasons” – Antonio Vivaldi (Christian/Sean in re-certification with “heads”)
• “Claire De Lune” – Claude Debussy (Megan & Sean have dinner)
• Instrumental Techno Clip – James S. Levine {original composition} – (Christian walking into morgue to practice on Jane Doe head)
• “Rocket Man” – Elton John (Megan commits suicide)
• Instrumental – James S. Levine {original composition} – (Megan’s funeral/ash scattering)
• Montana/Sassy/Justice: (Episode 11)
• “Hot Legs” – Rod Stewart (Montana/Sassy “tankle” surgery)
Antonia Ramos: (Episode 12)
• “Poison Arrow” – ABC (Maria’s heroin-filled breast implant removal surgery)
• “Drive” – The Cars (Sean & Christian meet Escobar to pay him off at pancake/coffee house)
• “I Wear My Sunglasses at Night” – Corey Hart (Sean, Christian, & Liz meet Escobar at hotel to remove Antonia Ramos’ implants)
Escobar Gallardo: (Episode 13) – FINALE
• “Weird Science” – Thomas Dolby (Heroin breast implant removal surgery)
• ““Baby” – Koop (Christian/Kimber/Bobolit at Bobolit’s house)
• “Freaky (To You)” – Sweet Stuff (Christian/Gina have “labor-inducement” sex)
• “Cars” – Gary Neuman (Sean goes to Escobar’s to kill him)
• “Rapture” – Blondie (Sean’s post-attempt to kill Escobar/Escobar asks for new face)
• “Wild World” – Cat Stevens (Sean in hotel/Julia comes to get back together)
• “Following” – Chungking (McNamara’s/Christian having dinner at ending)
• “Machine Gun” – Commodores (Escobar gets busted at airport by FBI w/’new’ face of Jorge Barco)

********** SEASON TWO **********
Song List by Episode/Scene:
Erica Noughton: (Episode 1)
• “Ravel’s Bolero” – Jazzelicious (Christian attempts to botox Sean)
• “So Nice {Summer Samba}” – Bebel Gilberto (Sean’s birthday party)
• “I Wish” – Stevie Wonder (Christian ‘helps’ Gina nurse/Sean blows out birthday candles/Sean examines his ass and gives himself botox)
• “Eyes Without A Face” – Billy Idol (Libby Zucker’s gun-shot reconstructive surgery)
• “Justine” – Brookville (Christian ‘interviews’ the nanny)
• “Hold ‘Dat” (Richard X Re-mix) – Prince Po (Christian attempts to pick up Nicole Watts {orthopedics resident} in bar)
• “Last Tango in Paris” – Gotan Project (Christian still at bar w/Nicole as she turns him down)
• “Last Tango in Paris” – Gotan Project {REPRISE} – (Christian consults with Erica on face-lift surgery)
• “Lovergirl” – Teena Marie (Julia & Erica work out at the gym)
• “Bach’s Overture #3” – Zigo (Erica Noughton’s face-lift surgery)
• “Vibrate” – Rufus Wainwright (Libby shoots Chad Myer/Sean eating cake by himself/Christian with Wilbur blowing out candles on his 40th birthday cupcakes)
Christian Troy: (Episode 2)
• “Me & Yoko Ono” – Tosca {featuring Anna Clementi} – (Christian’s nose breaks after model he’s having sex with sneezes from ‘down’ in bedding)
• “Rimsky Korsakov’s – Flight of the Bumblebee” – J-Radikal (Patient Jess’ pro-bono neck hematoma surgery)
• “The Trout” {Quintet for piano, violin, violoncello and double bass in A Major, Op. posth. 114, D. 667} – Franz Schubert (Christian at 1st rhinoplasty appointment w/ Dr. Monica Jordan – recruits Calvin Murray in waiting room)
• “Just Let Go” – Fischerspooner (Calvin Murray’s third-nipple surgery removal)
• “Just Let Go” – Fischerspooner {REPRISE} – (Julia & Erica talking as she ‘drains’ her face from surgery – segue to Sean hitting Jaguar blocking his parking space)
• “Body Language” – Queen (Christian and Dr. Monica at his 2nd rhinoplasty consult where she also suggests liposuction and Restilin for his mouth lines/Christian tries to seduce her)
• “Step Aside” – Clawfinger & “Force” – Dog {in the same scene} – (Christian performs rhinoplasty on himself)
Manya Mabika: (Episode 3)
• “Collective for Changuito” – Amampondo (Manya Mabika’s clitoral reconstructive surgery)
• “Falling” – Chris Coco (Christian/Gina argue about Wilbur at Gina’s apartment)
• “Let’s Get It On” – Marvin Gaye (Christian & Manya in bed/Christian ‘attempts’ to give her an orgasm – flashing between Sean/Julia in bed as well)
• “More Than This” – Roxy Music (Alopecia patient Elias Perry’s hair-transplant surgery)
• “Angels” – Wax Poetic (Julia/Sean having sex as Julia fantasizes about Christian)
Mrs. Grubman: (Episode 4)
• “Satie’s Blues” – Margaret Leng-Tan (Annie’s ‘Princess Menses’ tea party segues to Kimber getting ready/meeting Christian for lunch)
• “Baby” – Koop {featuring Cecilia Stalin} – (Christian & Kimber at lunch)
• “Cosmopolitans” – Erin McKeown (Kimber at lunch w/Christian – ‘coking’ in bathroom)
• “Humble Girl” – Anjali (Kimber returns from bathroom/nose starts bleeding at table w/Christian)
• “Mother’s Little Helper” – Rolling Stones (Mrs. Grubman’s knee surgery/flat lines)
• “Moonlight Sonata” – Dakesh York (Kimber’s nasal reconstructive surgery)
Joel Gideon: (Episode 5)
• “Pride” – Syntax (Sean talking to Julia on cell/car crash)
• “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” – The Supremes (Joel Gideon’s frost-bite reconstructive surgery)
• “I’ll Find A Way” – Rachael Yamagata (Christian says private goodbye to Wilbur in his bedroom)
• “Answer” – Sarah McLachlan (Christian & Julia at his apartment/Julia reveals Matt is his son)
Bobbie Broderick: (Episode 6)
• “Girl From Ventimiglia” – Saint Privat (Matt goes to see Ava at her house/conducts “trust” exercise)
• “Lies” – Thompson Twins (Bobbi Broderick’s stomach-lipo surgery)
• “Una Musica Brutal” – Gotan Project (Christian visits Ava at her house)
• “Milkshake” – Kelis (Christian & Sean working out at gym)
• “Filthy/Gorgeous” – Scissor Sisters (Mrs. Calderolla’s lip reconstructive surgery/segue to Sean ‘introducing’ Christian to Ava)
• “Volare” – Dean Martin (Mrs. Calderolla’s post-op w/Sean and her husband)
• “Ocean Beat” – Tosca (Matt having dinner w/Ava and ‘collecting’ on agreement)
Naomi Gaines: (Episode 7)
• “Hayling” – FC Kahuna (Matt/Ava in bed – Adrian walks in)
• “Sidewalk” – 7-Hurtz (Naomi Gaines consult w/Sean & Christian)
• “Ciao” – Cinerex (Christian seduces reporter Andrea Hall at bar)
• “City Ports” – Forss (Matt/Ava/Adrian at Ava’s pool)
• “Skin Trade” – Duran Duran (Naomi Gaines’ facial reconstructive surgery)
• “State of Mind” – Aaron Kaplan (Matt/Adrian talk in Matt’s room/Adrian kisses Matt)
• “City Ports” – Forss {REPRISE} – (Matt breaks up w/Ava)
• “City Ports” – Forss {REPRISE} – (Matt confronts Julia about his paternity)
Agatha Ripp: (Episode 8)
• Choral Music – James S. Levine {Original Composition} – (Agatha Ripp’s consult/surgery)
• “Sympathy for the Devil” – Rolling Stones (Surgery for baby with ‘tail’)
Rose & Raven Rosenberg: (Episode 9)
• “Don’t Fear The Reaper” – Blue Oyster Cult (Coming from college dorm room next to Sean & Christian’s while studying for R&R’s surgery)
• “Flower Duet” from ‘Lakme’ opera – Leo Delibes (Rose & Raven’s separation surgery)
• “Deacon Blue” – Steely Dan (Sean & Renee {prostitute and Julia look-a-like} at bar)
• “Can We Still Be Friends” – Todd Rundgren (Christian/Sean/Renee 3-way at dorm room)
• “Flower Duet” from ‘Lakme’ opera – Leo Delibes {REPRISE} – (Sean & Christian put Rose & Raven together again post-death)
Kimber Henry: (Episode 10)
• “A Boy Named Sue” – Johnny Cash {Live at San Quentin} – (Ike Connors breast augmentation surgery)
• “Malibu” – 7-Hurtz (Sean & Kimber in bed)
• “Machine Says Yes” – FC Kahuna (Julia getting ready to go out to bar)
• “Tension On Sight” – 7-Hurtz (1st song at bar – Julia meets Roger)
• “Machine Says Yes” – FC Kahuna {REPRISE} – (2nd song at bar – Julia getting drunk/discusses absinthe/Roger invites Julia up to his room)
• “Alpha” – Elvis (Sean picks Julia up from Roger’s hotel – segue to Sean in his bedroom w/Kimber doll)
• Natasha Charles: (Episode 11)
• “Tough On Crime” – Rebecca Pidgeon (Sean/Julie at Annie’s school fundraiser)
• “I’ll Be Seeing You” – Rickie Lee Jones (Ocular eye-appointment w/Christian and Natasha – segue to doctor showing what the eye replacement procedure will entail)
• “Just Be” – Kirsty Hawkshaw (1st song at restaurant when Natasha meets her internet ‘blind’ date and Christian is ‘observing’)
• “All The Way to the Top” – Jazzupstarts (2nd song at bar while Natasha’s date asks Christian about her)
• “Full On” – Chungking (3rd song at restaurant when Christian joins Natasha at her table after her date leaves)
• “Cozy In The Rocket” – Psapp (Final song in restaurant when Christian/Natasha are sitting together)
• “Natasha” – Rufus Wainwright (Christian & Natasha make love)
Julia McNamara: (Episode 12)
• “Our Lips Are Sealed” – The Go Go’s (during patient’s lip necrosis re-constructive surgery)
• “Searchin” – Alex Cortiz (Ava greets Julia as she wakes into her ‘alternative’ life {also reprised throughout episode})
• “Promises, Promises” – Naked Eyes (Christian/Julia/Kimber at Troy’s indoor pool)
• “Haven’t Got Time For The Pain” – Carly Simon (Mrs. Grubman’s face-lift surgery)
• “You’re So Vain” – Carly Simon (Julia & Christian at home – Julia reveals she can’t have children/Christian reveals Kimber is pregnant w/his child)
• “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” {choral-intro mix} – Rolling Stones (Ava reveals she’s ‘Angel of Death’, Julia ‘flat lines’/’dies’ in dream sequence)
Oona Wentworth: (Episode 13)
• “Who Am I” – Peace Orchestra (Ms. Garcia’s forehead reconstructive surgery consult w/Sean & Christian)
• “More, More, More” – Andrea True Connection (Maid {Ms. Garcia} trying on her boss Barbara Busberger’s clothes & jewelry at mansion/partying with other maids/Merrill Bobbolit injecting botox)
• “Everybody Got Their Something” – Nikka Costa (Ms. Garcia’s botched-botox forehead reconstructive surgery w/Sean & Christian)
• “Back to Life – Soul II Soul (Bobbolit ‘gasing’ himself/performed chemical peel at Madame Rose’s)
• “Touch Me (I Want Your Body)” – Samantha Fox (Music in background when Christian goes to Madame Rose’s Nail Salon to find Bobbolit)
• “Who Am I” – Peace Orchestra {REPRISE} – (Christian confronts Bobbolit at Madame Rose’s for the first time)
• “Key West” – Village People (Oona Wentworth’s eyelid reconstructive surgery)
• “Goodbye Stranger” – Supertramp (Christian tied on table at Madame Rose’s/Bobbolit cuts Christian’s and his face/Bobbolit passes out/Christian rescued by Ms Garcia)
Trudy Nye: (Episode 14)
• “Love Will Keep Us Together” – Captain &Tennille (Music on Christian’s XM radio when he leaves Natasha in the car to go in video store/car gets stripped)
• “Got To Be Love” – Greyboy (Kimber/Sean at dinner – segue to Kimber/Sean in bed)
• “Schubert’s ‘Piano Mass No. 6’” – Le D (Kimber’s ‘palm-line’ surgery)
• Instrumental – James S. Levine {Original Composition} – (Christian/Kimber have sex in Christian’s office – Sean walks in)
• “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do” – Neil Sedaka {70’s version} – (Trudy Nye’s 2nd rhinoplasty operation)

So anyway, yeah. It’s been a good week so far. I’ve been a little sore from working out, but in a good way. I’m a little congested today, and I’m not sure why… hope it’s not another summer cold coming on.

Knight went to the vet yesterday and he’s in good shape except for some worms, but we got medicine to take care of that. It was a bit more expensive than normal because of the meds, but at least he’ll be healthy and happy. He was so excited to see Ia when he got home, too. It was so cute to see him run to her. She, on the other hand, was more excited to see me.

blu3warri0r and I did some CoH last night and I stayed up WAY past my bedtime. We got ourselves into a pickle and had to call on the kindness of strangers to get out of it, but all worked out in the end. Don’t know how much I’m going to be playing until Saturday, but I’m jonesin for some more lowbie play. Its not that I no longer like Badger, I love playing him, but I’m having so much fun doing these Lowbie missions that are new with Issue #2, that I just can’t pull myself away. I usually do a quick mission with Badger, then log on with Kher-Minu and push through two or three if I have some help. I’m half way through the Hollows (according to some people who have seen it through) and it’s been a steady challenge the whole way. If you’re level 9-12, look for me and we’ll kick some butt in The Hollows.

I’m out for now. Comment in my other post!

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