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This weekend wasn’t too bad really, so now that the week is here and I’m pretty well bored to death, I’ll write about what I didn’t have time to write about this weekend.

Friday I went to the Amon Carter museum to see the priveate opening of an exhibition of one of our faculty members. He’s been working on this project for years and I’ve gotten to see little hints of it along the way and was really excited when I got the invite to the “private” opening. Private, of course, means invitation and museum members only. Now how that broke down as far as I could see it, was about 10-15 people who genuinely showed up to see his work and support him and about 100 people who were there for free food and socialization, a Friday night out on the town. Not that that’s really a bad thing, I’d be happy if I had some kind of opening or something that was a social event, too; it was just wierd to be there specifically to see the photos and we happened to get food, while there were so many people who were there to get food and there happened to be photos.

Anyway, the photos were stunning. I’d seen a bunch on the computer, you know, about 12-14 inches across, and we actually were given a comp about 2 feet across for christmas. When we actually saw them at the show, most were at least 3 feet across and a select few were 6 feet across. It was really astounding (to not use the word stunning again, though that’s really the best word). I wish there had been fewer people milling about because I didn’t get as much of an opportunity to really appreciate the work as much as I’d have liked. I don’t know how Brent felt about it, but I got tired of people just looking at them and making vacation photo type comments like, “we really should go there some day,” or “it’s really beautiful out there.” Maybe I was looking at it wrong and seeing the photos more than the subject, but I really thought the quality and composition totally outweighed the fact that those hills and valleys really exist. And then there was the fact that a story went along with the whole thing that some people seemed to overlook as well.

I guess everyone sees art differently.

Saturday I spent almost the whole day playing City of Heroes. I pondered mowing the lawn more than once, but never really felt motivated to do so. That evening I went over to corwin75‘s and played some high level D&D for a bit. Was hoping for a larger turn out, but we did okay and kicked both of his challenges in the balls. I have to say, Riposté is a pretty disgusting character and he just continues to get more so with each level and treasure horde he collects. Now if only I could afford to upgrade his weapons from +7 to +11. That’s gonna take a few million gold. Maybe my Efreeti can help me out.

And then Sunday Heather and I decided we were gonna move our workout to Monday because trying to motivate ourselves to go out to the rec center on Sunday was too easy to slack off on. So instead, I finally got out and mowed the front lawn like I had wanted to do on Saturday. But then when I finished, and realized I had mowed part of the street even (our grass had overgrown not only the curb, but also the street), I finally busted out the weed eater and started to do some edging. That’s supposed to be Heather’s contribution to the yard work (that and buying and killing yard plants), but I finally couldn’t let it go any longer. I started by finding the curb under all the grass and weeds, then started to widen our walkway from the street by about 6-8 inches by beating back the grass; and then, finally, widened our driveway by almost a foot by beating back all that overgrown grass. When I got to the end of the driveway, I had to put down the weed eater and swap out for a shovel and rake to beat that overgrowth back. This is the first time I think that I’ve seen my whole driveway, possibly ever.

Heather and I then took my credit card and went luxury shopping (yeah, bad I know). We ate a fantastic dinner at Texas Roadhouse and then bought nothing but luxury items (beer, coffee, ice cream, etc.) at the grocery store. It was nice and even though the evening kind of fell off and even sucked a bit at the end, it was nice for the most part.

and here I thought I wouldn’t have anything to write today.

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