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I have some Gmail invites, but I’m not sure how many I’m gonna give out. Post a reply and I’ll decide if I deem you worthy enough for the glory of Gmail.

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even though you used “the good,” which is a pet peeve of mine, it’s wasn’t “teh good,” which is worse.

invite sent to email in your userinfo.

And received. Thanks man. 🙂

Just out of curiosity, why is that a pet peeve? I have actually never seen it used before, other than an anonymous comment on my LJ after someone just up and gave me to a paid account for a month.

Now I use it when I am trying to be a dork.

Meh, it’s just that anything that’s “The ” aside from “The Shit” which is the only acceptable answer, bugs me… especially when it’s gramatically incorrect – i.e.: “the sex,” “the good,” etc.

I can’t explain it, but it definitely gets worse when “the” is exchanged for “teh.” I think that’s because I mispell “the” all the time as a typo and I get sick of going back and fixing it. So when people do it on purpose, it offends me on some level.

It’s right up there with people calling things “gay.” I’m not gay, but I know a lot of gay people, and truly respect and adore them. So when something bad is “gay,” it bugs the crap out of me.

They’re pet peeves… we all have them.

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