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Ugh, I hate it when I’m giving one of these classroom orientations and trying to be informative and authoritative and I start blowing a bubble between my two front teeth. How self-defeating is that.

Anyway, haven’t been doing too much lately. Mostly sleeping and playing City of Heroes. Last night I really wanted to play and was prepared to play too late, but by 10:00 I was falling asleep playing. When did I get old. Jeeze. I figured since yesterday was a workout and bike-ride day, I’d be full of vim and vigor, but no, I was literally falling asleep in my chair. Still having fun with the game though… I’m up to 8 characters now, but I only really play about three of them. Numbers 4 and 5 I wish I had time to play, but I make sure to focus on the three so I don’t get too far behind. Number 6 I really wish I could play, but she’s so redundant, it’s not even funny. Numbers 7 and 8, I just never really got into, though, I fully admit, I had fun with them for the three levels I played them up. Maybe when blu3warri0r starts playing, I’ll have an excuse to play them more. He says he’ll be starting next week, I’ll believe it when I see it, but I have to say, I’m really looking forward to believing it.

blu3warri0r is one of those people I really wish I had the time to hang out with more. We game once every two weeks, and that’s about all I ever see him. Saw him more when we were both doing RPGA more heavilly, but it’s gotten harder to do RPGA the last few weeks. I’m going to try to start pushing it a bit more as Year 3 starts to retire in the next couple months. Still, it’ll be nice to at least chat and fight evil with him on CoH.

I’m sorry for the fact that my latest moblog service has gone down. I’ve been really grumpy that no photo blogger has worked consistently since I started taking pictures, but they promise that it will be back online soon. I’m not moving again, I tell you that much though. I’m sick of moving all my pictures and leaving a trail of moblogs.

Got to pull something with my Baja the other day for the first time. Unfortunately it was corwin75‘s car. I’m sorry for ya man, I can only imagine (no, I can more than imagine) how much it sucks to have a car die on you. At least you were only a mile from home and not 980 miles from home and still 20 miles from your destination. Man that sucked. I hope that whoever you trade it in for can determine if the engine is salvageable or not, so maybe that will raise the “junk heap” value a bit.

And last but not least, we’re into the second week of the month, and I still have a fair portion of my allowance. How uncommon is that?

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Okay, my first battle cry in CoH will have to be “See it and believe it, baby!” 😉

All estimates should have CoH in my grubby little hands by tomorrow. So that begs the question, what are we doing tomorrow? The Spycraft game running? I’m so in the dark, its like my security level decreased!

Oh and welcome to the towing club! I have towed an older Subaru with my truck, as well as a VW Bug, and now my dad’s Harley by proxy. We have the same truck, but I had to go out and pick him up in Plano cause his back tire got a screw in it. I took his truck since he just left it in the bed and tied down so he could take it to the dealership this morning. Towing is both fun and goofy. Make you feel like you have a real truck when you can haul and tow stuff. Wierd when you’re doing it non-traditional like and using a tow strap or something to pull a car with someone else.

Maybe that’s how we shoulda done the SUV and car in our last mission. 😉

Uh, tomorrow isn’t Friday first off. So no, we’re not doing Spycraft tomorrow.

So I’m gonna be at home playing CoH, and hopefully running around with you in Paragon City.

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