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I’ve decided that my bike ride on Tuesdays and Thursdays is getting easier. That’s the first real sign that I’m actually doing something when I go to work out and ride. I’ve upped the weight on a lot of the Nautilus machines, but not substantially (except when I realized I was doing way too little on them the first week), but the ride home is much more of an indicator to me. The first few times I had to really push myself to get home, especially the ride up Bell (relatively steep, long incline). Now I can usually do it with just a little heavy breathing by the time I get to the top. When I start to get near the house, I used to coast as much as possible and nearly collapse against the garage door exhausted. Now I start finding newer, longer detours home so I can add an extra quarter or half mile. Even yesterday, when I got to one of my standard detour turns, I decided I just wanted to get home. But then when I came to one of the other detours, I took it and still added on another quarter mile.

When I got home, instead of collapsing on the floor, heaving and trying to drink some watered down powerade, I was industrious enough to go out and put up the new hammock. Yes, I said new hammock. The last one was eaten, we assume by squirrels. Why do we assume that? Because they hate us and eat everything we own.

I want to game. I haven’t played in a game in over a month and I’m starting to get the shakes. I ran my Spycraft game the other day, and while it was fun, and I loved running it (even if it was kind of chaotic and self-destructive at times), I haven’t had the chance to play anything since, shit, I don’t know when. I’m starting to need my fix again. Nick! Steve! Derek! Somebody! Help!

I haven’t been playing as much City of Heroes as I’d like either. I’ve noticed that it’s harder and harder to catch people on; well, except Tennessee Slim (et al). As a result of none of my higher level friends being on, I’ve been playing my lowbies a lot more lately. Kher Minu is turning out to be a really fun character. And I pulled Mick Mannock out of the closet and dusted him off so I could level him to 8 last night. Much fun was had. Crap, now I’ve talked about it enough that I’m wanting to play again. I wonder what Mick Mannock and Texas Ranger would work like together. Two blasters, dealing lots of damage, but with no blockers. Should be interesting.

Oh well, time to do some work.

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I’ve been slacking on CoH big time. Still lame. Heh.
What’s your guy’s name? I’ve been playing on Triumph…per your suggestion. My gal’s name is Ma’eth.
Really dont know the ropes all to well at this point tho’… :/
oh well!

lessee, from top to bottom (though not necesarrily in play order)

Furious Badger
Capn. Chernobyl
Mick Mannock
Kher-Minu (I can’t remember if the dash is in there or not)
Vylette Knight
Mo Skee-To (crap, that spelling is wrong)

Just use the /friend command and I’ll add you to my lists as well and we’ll see if we can hook up!

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