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So now that I’ve got this cool new GMail account I’ve realized that I don’t get a lot of email. Makes me wish I kept in touch with people more, but I think I’ve burned a lot of bridges as I traveled through life… burned them or let them rot and collapse under age. I post on LiveJournal to tell the stories of my days and my life, but the personal connection isn’t there like it is in email. I talk to friends daily, the people I truly consider my close friends. I know some of us have had odds at times, but we’ve always mended our differences. There are others though that I have lost touch with, and no matter how hard I try to find them, they’re gone forever. Some I find, never to hear from them when I try to contact them. Some I find, just to find that the contact information I have is no longer valid. I have friends who still talk to and contact their friends from childhood. My childhood was quite secluded. I was a very shy child and thus never made a lot of friends. So, even though I went to school with pretty much the same people all through school, I never really had the same friend year after year. I think a lot of it had to do with where I lived. I didn’t really live in a neighborhood, there were no other kids anywhere near where I could walk to or ride my bike, so I was kind of isolated. The only friends I could make were the ones in my class, and since my classmates changed every year, it didn’t lend itself to making the same friends.

So now, here I am, in my early 30’s and I’m jealous of people who have childhood friends or chat with people other than those they work beside. I find myself lucky that the people I work with are actually my friends, but sometimes I feel the need to diversify. I’ve been guitly of being a hermit, too. Refusing to go out and do things with people when the opportunity arose, and as a result, have lost the chance of making good friends out of casual acquaintences.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not unhappy with my life. Sometimes I just wish there were more people to share it with, and that I still knew some of the people I’ve known in the past.

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In many ways, it was a strange place to grow up…there was a lot of isolation our year.

And yes, I suck at email, real mail, and posting in my journal, so you are at least one up on me…


Re: Empathy

I’ll be honest. I’m elated when you do post to your journal. You’re one of the people I’m most sad about losing touch with.

Funny, some of these very thoughts have crossed my mind as well. And, as before, you seem to have said them better than i did. I hope someday you don’t mind if i quote you in my journal? 🙂
Sometimes I just wish there were more people to share it with I have been feeling this alot lately… thank you.

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