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well, it’s the first day of the new semester and so far things aren’t horrible. Only had to sit in the lab for about an hour this morning until a lab attendant walked up looking for work. The down side was that the lab was insufferably hot, as was the entire building. It’s finally gotten down to a tolerable 78 here in the office, but that’s because we’ve got a fan blocking off the entire doorway, blowing in the cool air from the hall. I still have some scary gaps in the schedule right now, but I’m sure, as it does every semester, things will work out. I will, however, have to hire at least two people. I”ve got three good resumes on my desk, but I should still post a sign in the lab. I think I’ll just post up my old sign that I used years ago, it’s still current, for the most part.

Hmmm, as I look at it, it could probably do with a couple little changes… I should still have the file.

Anyway, so I started reading the WoD book this weekend after finishing up Homeland – Book I of the Dark Elf Trilogy. taloncomicsDerek hit the nail on the head with his description. He said it was kind of a combination of Call of Cthulu and Hunter: The Reckoning, with a bit of X-Files thrown in for good measure. All good sources, all good moods, all good in one book.

So yeah.. uh, gotta do some work.

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