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One other thing that happened this weekend…

So I’ve been working out for about two weeks now, a fair amount of weight trainging and then, probably not enough cardio on top of that, but I’m working on it. Friday night I realized that I was really hungry when it came time for dinner. Like really hungry. I usually eat 2-3 slices of pizza and start to feel guilty about it. I ate half of it (4 slices) this time and probably could have eaten more if there had been more to eat. Fuck. Then Saturday, I had my standard two bowls of cereal and a cup of coffee for breakfast and that usually last me until about 5:00. Around 1:00 I was starting to really regret that decision. Fortunately aramance had some leftover lunch and offered it to me. Thanks you Laura, you saved me. But when it came time to head from Eberron to Steve’s, I told them I needed Tizaco Bizell because I only had a few dollars and I needed to eat. I was standing there in line trying to figure out how much I could actually get with the meager amount of money in my account. I walked out of there with a really nice sized bag of food for about $7 and, oddly enough, around 9:00, I was hungry again. Also, I noticed all day Saturday, I was wound tighter than a spring on a flywheel car. So the new exercise regimen is starting to show it’s effects. Now if only it would start showing itself physically. 😉

(oh yeah, Bunch, you’re right, the Potato Burrito is something given to us by a higher power)

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