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Case Project Update…

Yeah, these photos are actually kind of old and I’ve made much more progress than is shown in them, but at the same time, they’re the most recent I have and I never posted them before so here’s a look at what I’ve been doing on my WoD case.

It started out with black primer, and then a coat of black acrylic paint.

Then I started with the sponging effect.

I made sure to do it all while the case was assembled so the patterns would match.

Close-up of the top.

Almost done.

Quick shot of the two sides for comparison.

2 replies on “Case Project Update…”

yup, I scanned the logo from the back of the book at stupid high detail to start and then looked for the closest match to the green marble I could find.

If you actually compare, it’s a bit more green where the books are more black, but then again, the new Vampire: Requiem books are going to be red, so it doesn’t really matter anymore, does it.

I still have some sanding and polishing and about $80 worth of accessories still to buy until I can officially call it done.

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