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This weekend turned out to be pretty entertaining and productive overall. I had a great time and really feel like I accomplished something.

Thursday I rode my bike home as I said I was going to. It was a tough ride but only because in the process of installing my new seat, I apparently hadn’t tightened down the bolts as well as I could have and about half a mile into my 3.5 mile ride, the seat came loose and I spent then entire rest of the ride trying to balance myself on the center of my seat. Fuck that hurt my ass, or more appropriately my “taint” taint: The area of the body between the anus and the genitalia is called the perineum–or the taint, because it t’aint either. Anyway, the ride itself wasn’t too bad, it was just the ballancing act that made it difficult. Didn’t really do anything that afternoon.

Friday, to my surprise, when I suggested Heather and I go for a bike ride, she suggested riding to Kroger (which I knew to be a fair ride and had a good number of hills along the way, having ridden part of the route the day before). I warned her of this, but she needed a prescription so we did it anyway. It turns out it’s 2.2 miles and there was only one hill that Heather couldn’t tackle. After she regained her color, we finished out the ride, avoiding heavy traffic the whole time, with one 100 yard exception. We took our time in Kroger before we took the ride back. She did better and we had a good time, especially since my seat was better adjusted. Heather had asked me to pull up the carpet in the hall as well, since the floor in the office looked so good, so I set to that and pulled up the hall and the hall bathroom. Didn’t look too bad, though there were a ton of shattered tiles all around the edges of the bathroom. The rest of the day was spent doing very little and I loved it.

Satudray I pulled up the tack strips from the hall and bathroom, we packed up the Baja and headed to the landfill to get in and out before I had to go to Talon and play the Eberron game. God damn that was a good game. I so wish I had money to buy that book. If I had more than $5 to my name for the rest of the month, I would very much consider buying it. So if you’ve got a pile of cash in your pocket and need to buy something for someone, you really should consider Helping a guy out. orosCraig played a Warforged, I played an Artificer, aramanceLaura played a shifter and Justin played a Changeling. I spent the whole time walking behind Oros healing him and touching other Warforged with Inflicts. I’m so looking forward to playing again. That was WAY too much fun. Fuck I need that book. From there, we picked up blu3warri0rSean and headed over to corwin75Steve‘s high level game where we kicked much ass before getting routed by a really fucking scary dragon. I so can’t wait for the next time Steve decides to do that. I feel bad because Sean was really looking forward to testing out his high level Cleric and really didn’t get to do anything due to some really bad fortune on his part.

Sunday I painted the ceiling in the office and worked out with Steve. norelenCraig was supposed to be there, but he had homework. I brough my trunks and a towel since I hardly ever get to go in the Leisure pool after working out, and I have to say, I think my body thanked me for it. My muscles are still weak, but hardly sore.

Yeah. Good weekend!

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