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I’m starting the first of many 3-day weekends this summer. I was told I had
too much comp time built up so for the summer I get Fridays off. Today, so
far, I’ve finished picking up the office (from purging for the yard sale);
cleaned & swept the shed; started the clearcoat on my computer case (though
I may need another can, 3 so far); straightened up the kitchen a
bit, and built a bike-rack for the bed of the Baja. I guess I could say
I’ve been pretty productive, I would probably be guilt free were I to start
playing my game now (I picked up Riddick Wednesday). I get to start
in Nick’s D&D game tonight (if I can find his apartment, that is). I’m
playing a MysticTheurge who happens to suffer from a slight Obsessive
Compulsive Disorder. Sean’s Cleric is going to help him out with his
pure/sanitary food & water until I start getting some Cleric levels. It
should be pretty Groovy.

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